A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Telegraph Capitol of America (Western Union Building, 60 Hudson Street)

Triple Threat (acting, singing, dancing)

“Cost an arm and a leg” (at a great cost; expensive)

Triple Threat (football)

Muppet Trade

Ghostbusters Building (55 Central Park West)

Little Britain (West Village)

“Do Your Own Due Diligence” (DYODD)

Floriduh (Florida + duh)

Moonbatmobile (moonbat + automobile)

Plaza District

Yellow Brick Brewery (old Metropolitan Opera House at 39th Street)

Shitpotle (Chipotle Mexican Grill nickname)

Glittering Grotto in the Sky (530 East 72nd Street)

“Take to the cleaners” (financially wipe out)

World’s Largest Hotel Lobby (San Antonio River Walk nickname)

PM (precious metals)

“Real heroes don’t wear capes—they wear dog tags”

“Shit rolls downhill”

Selkirk Hurdle

“Firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out”

“Potatoes will cry their eyes out” (if next to onions)

“Are we there yet?”

Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

“1984 is not an instruction manual”

“Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl” (drama plot)

“Meet cute” (romantic comedy rule)

“God made police so firefighters would have heroes”

“If you must burn our flag, please wrap yourself in it first”

Silicon Forest

“When thunder roars, go indoors”

Impeach-mint (political flavor)

Balance Sheet Recession

University of Texas at Omaha

Death Panel


“It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”

Malnegligence (malice + negligence)

“The introduction of religious passion into politics is the end of honest politics”

“You can’t walk your way off the island” (Dominican baseball adage)

“Two can eat as cheaply as one”

“If it makes dollars, it makes sense” (boxing adage)

McDiving (McDonald’s + diving)

“The further north you go, the further south you get” (Florida adage)

New York with Palm Trees (Miami nickname)

“In Washington, the scandal isn’t what’s illegal; the scandal is what’s legal”

“A late train gets later” (transportation adage)

“All men are created equal, and then a few become firefighters”

Checkpoint to the Stars (Sierra Blanca border patrol checkpoint nickname)

“Execute justice, not people”

“What follows two days of rain in Oregon? Monday!” (joke)

“It’s never too early to change the oil” (automotive adage)

Stalingrad & Poorski (Standard & Poor’s nickname)


Northwest East Village

Shiti Bike (Citi Bike nickname)

“There goes the neighborhood”

“I don’t drink water because fish fuck in it”

“Horse sense is what keeps horses from betting on people”

Craptopia (crap + utopia)

“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money”

East Village

“Shut the front door”

Pet Cat (underrated football player)

Florida Glare (fiction genre)

“He’s got more guts than you can hang on a fence”

“Lost the dressing room” (manager loses confidence of players)

Wow Factor

“Relievers are relievers for a reason” (baseball adage)

“I never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes”

“Power stays with a fighter for years” (boxing adage)

“Between 11 and 3 stay under a tree”

“Cautions breed cautions” (auto racing adage)

“Leaves of three, let it be” or “Leaflets three, let it be” (poison ivy adage)

“Leaves of five, let it thrive” or “Leaflets five, let it thrive” (vine adage)

“Summer league can’t tell you who can play, only who can’t” (basketball adage)

Five-Tool Player (a complete baseball player)

Smokeout (barbecue cookout/festival)

Bearmageddon (stock market bear + Armageddon)

“Berries white, a poisonous sight” (poison ivy adage)

“Raggy rope, don’t be a dope” (poison ivy adage)

“Hairy vine, no friend of mine” (poison ivy adage)

Very Vanilla (very + vanilla)

Zombtree (Zombie Tree)

Dark ‘N’ Stormy (cocktail)

Dark ‘N’ Stormy (ice cream float)

“Have saddle, will travel” (horse adage)

Trayvonista (Trayvon Martin + -ista)

Capital of Latin America (Miami nickname)



Calm The Fuck Down (CTFD)

Lamping (Lampin’)

Wanksta or Wankster (wack/wanker/wannabe + gangster)


Lardcore (lard + hardcore)

Whole Foodie (Whole Foods + foodie)

Olive Gardener (Olive Garden customer or employee)

“Where there’s a tip, there’s a tap” (investment adage)

“Living under a rock” (uninformed)

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