A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 31, 2011
Texarkanian (inhabitant of Texarkana)

“Texarkanian” is the name of an inhabitant of Texarkana, Texas (and Texarkana, Arkansas as well). The name “Texarkanan” has been cited in print since at least February 1889 and “Texarkanian” since at least March 1889. Both “Texarkanan” and “Texarkanian” have been used, but “Texarkanian” has become the established term.
A newspaper titled The Daily Texarkanian was published in the 1890s; the name “Texarkanian” is used in news stories by a current newspaper, the Texarkana Gazette.
Wikipedia: Texarkana, Texas
Texarkana is a city in Bowie County, Texas, United States. It effectively functions as one half of a city which crosses a state line — the other half, the city of Texarkana, Arkansas, lies on the other side of State Line Avenue. The population of the city is 34,782 at the 2000 census.

The city, along with its Arkansas counterpart, forms the core of the Texarkana, Texas–Texarkana, Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area, encompassing all of Bowie County, Texas and Miller County, Arkansas.

Texarkana is the headquarters of the theologically conservative American Baptist Association, whose Missionary Baptist churches are most numerous in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.
18 February 1889, Galveston (TX) Daily News, pg. 4, col. 4:
Prominent Texarkanans Sick.
TEXARKANA, Ark., February 17.
5 March 1889, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “The Municipal Canvass,” pg. 2, col. 5:
TEXARKANA, Tex., March 4.—Nothing here just now is absorbing more interest or attention than the approaching April city election on the Texas side of the town.
Politically, everything outside local matters is attracting little attention to any Texarkanians with the exception of Judge C. E. Mitchel, who left a day or two since for Washington, where he attended the inauguration and, it is said, will give president Harrison pointers about the disposition of patronage in southwest Arkansas, and especially concerning the proper disposition of the Texarkana postoffice.
OCLC WorldCat record
The Daily Texarkanian.
Publisher: Texarkana, Ark.-Tex. : Valliant Pub. Co.
Edition/Format:  Newspaper : English
5 December 1894, Cedar Rapids (IA) Evening Gazette, pg. 2, col. 1:
Change News Service.
CHICAGO, Dec. 5.—The following papers in Texas abandoned their former telegraph news service and commenced today to take the report from the Associated Press: Sherman Register, Denulson Herald, Corsicana Light, Corsicana Observer, Texarkana Texarkanian, Houston Age, Houston Press, Marshall Star, Paris Advocate.
22 June 1898, Dallas (TX) Morning News, pg. 7, col. 1:
Texarkanans Anxious to Go.
Texarkana, Tex., June 21.
Google Books
Labels for Locals:
What to call people from Abilene to Zimbabwe

By Paul Dickson
New York, NY: Collins
Pg. 219:
Texarkana, Arkansas. Texarkanian.
Texarkana, Texas. Texarkanian.
Google Books
Historic Texarkana:
An illustrated history

By Beverly J. Rowe
San Antonio, TX: Historical Pub. Network
Pg. 45:
Even students sent letters to the board recommending this action:
To the School Board of the West Side:
We, the undersigned, request that you will please decide whether the West Texarkanians are to have a public school, or not.
Texarkana Gazette
Published: 07/06/2010
Texarkanians love the green scene
Both sides of the city taking to recycling

By: Kristi Jordan - Texarkana Gazette
Texarkana citizens in both states have jumped on the going green bandwagon, supporting recycling initiatives in the Twin Cities, city officials said.

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