A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from August 11, 2006
Silicon Hills (Austin nickname)

The city of Austin is sometimes called “Silicon Hills.” The name is a take-off on “Silicon Valley” (California) and “Silicon Prairie” (Dallas-Fort Worth) of the late 1970s. “Silicon Hills” was first used in the early 1990s.
Google Groups: alt.conspiracy
From:  schnell
Date:  Thurs, Apr 11 1991 6:23 pm
Oh, they’d like that, wouldn’t they.  Yes sir,  sleep sleeeeep.  One and one does not equal two.  No sir, no sir, silicon gulch.
Silicon prarie.
Silicon hills.
Silicon valley.
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From:  Pete Zakel
Date:  Thurs, Dec 3 1992 3:52 am
Now, here’s a better exercise: find Texas on your map of the USA. It should be easy to find: south-central. Now, find the state capital, Austin. This is part of the Texas Hill Country, and your finger is now pointing on Silicon Hills 😊  😊
This is the home of about 100 high tech companies, and growing every day. IBM-Austin, Tandem, Schlumberger, Motorola, AMD, Apple, Texas Instruments, Sematech, MCC, etc. all have plants here.
24 October 1995, New York Times, pg. D10 ad:
Around the same time, Samsung also announced a plan to build a $1.3 billion semiconductor plant in Austin, Texas. The plant will create thousands of jobs there, helping expand the new-found Silicon Hill.
24 December 1998, New York Times, pg. G8:
Ben Thornton, a programmer living in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Tex., brags about being a nude ham radio operator.
2 July 1999, New York Times, pg. A14:
And Mr. Bush has some ties of his own to the industry. In Texas, he has assiduously tapped executives in the Silicon Hills of Austin, where many software and semiconductor companies are based.
8 July 2001, New York Times, pg. 12:
Capital of an Oil State
Feels High-Tech Fall
But Austin Would Be Envy of Many Cities
This city of 643,000 people, called Silicon Hills, has benefited from a huge influx of new wealth.
From 1994 to 1999, roughly 17,000 “millionaire households” were created, according toa consulting firm. A $94 million performing arts center is under construction and a once-moribund downtown is very much alive. Only a year ago Forbes magazine ranked Austin as the best city in the nation in which to do business.
12 November 2001, New York Times, “In Silicon Hills, Making Goof On Vows of High-Tech Profits” by Courtney Barry, pg. G23:
The digital revolution transformed the simple, unpretentious city into Silicon Hills, thanks to new suburbs and the five-county surrounding region doubling in population to about 1.25 million Austin boomed, thanks to the Dell Computer Corporation, which produced Dellionaires—workers who became rich from stock options.
Goods and Services IC 040. US 100 103 106. G & S: Custom manufacturing, custom fabrication, reworking, assembly and layout of printed circuit boards for others. FIRST USE: 19930719. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19930917
IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Consulting and design services for others in the field of printed circuit boards. FIRST USE: 19930719. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19930917
Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING
Design Search Code
Serial Number 75891175
Filing Date January 7, 2000
Current Filing Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition November 28, 2000
Registration Number 2429730
Registration Date February 20, 2001
Owner (REGISTRANT) Silicon Hills Design, Inc. CORPORATION TEXAS 9101 Burnet Road, Suite 107 Austin TEXAS 78758
Attorney of Record Albert A. Carrion
Register PRINCIPAL-2(F)
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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