A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from October 16, 2015
Positive Attitude Changes Everything (“pace” backronym)

“Positive Attitude Changes Everything” is a backronym (or back acronym) of the word “pace.” The positivity saying is often used in business and in sports. “PACE—Positive Attitude Changes Everything” has been cited in print since at least 1975.
5 September 1975, The Daily Star (Hammond, LA), “District governor speaker for Rotary,” pg. 7, col. 1:
AMITE - Rotary Dist. 684 Gov. Jim Davis was guest speaker at the Amite Rotary Club recently. His topic was PACE-“Positive attitude changes everything.”
19 October 1975, Cumberland (MD) Sunday Times, J. Suter Kegg’s “Tapping the Keg,” pg. 44, col. 1:
Being a “positive believer” played a big part in his (Robert E. Mercer—ed.) ascent to Kelly’s top position—the presidency of the firm. It likewise made him an automatic selection as chairman of the areas PACE program—Positive Attitude Changes Everything.
21 January 1977, Manchester (CT) Journal Inquirer, “Letters To The Editor,” pg. 16, col. 4:
Why not support us in our school slogan, “PACE: Positive Attitude Changes Everything.”
June Sherwin
18 Indian Run

Google Books
Creativity in Nursing (and Other Professions)
By Shirley M. Steele and Frank L. Maraviglia
Thorofare, NJ: C.B. Slack
Pg. 46:
A creative manager sets the PACE: Positive Attitude Changes Everything. Also, he/she gives HOPE: Honesty, Organizational skills, Positive thinking, and a high degree of Enfhusiasm.
Google Books
Recipe For Recovery
By Mary Blomgren, Ph.D.
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse
Pg. 23:
Google Books
Make It Happen!:
Live Out Your Personal Brand

By Justin Honaman
Bloomington, IN: iUniverse
Pp. 21-22:
To this day, I keep this four-letter word on my white-board, in my Blackberry, and in my notebook: PACE POSITIVE ATTITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Google Groups: 12 Step Recovery
G.O.D. ~ Good Orderly Direction
K.I.S.S. ~ Keep It Simple Stupid
S.T.O.P. ~ Start Turning Over Problems
F.E.A.R. ~ Face Everything And Recover
Y.E.S. ~ Youth Enjoying Sobriety
C.R.A.P. ~ Carrying Resentments About People
H.O.W. ~Honesty OpenMindedness Willingness
P.A.C.E. ~ Positive Attitude Changes Everything
Y.E.T. ~ Your Eligible Too
N.U.T.S. ~ Not Using The Steps
H.A.L.T. ~ Hungry, Angry, Lonely & Tired
S.L.I.P. ~ Something Lousy I Planned
Ezine @rticles
A Positive Attitude Changes Everything
By Kimberly Kennedy Bohannon |  Submitted On June 19, 2008
Today’s Affirmation: I am happy and I share my joy with others.
A positive attitude is an important key to the success of your goals and dreams.
You can overcome any obstacle when you have the right attitude. One simple word for it… happiness!
Kimberly Bohannon
Good Morning Everyone - Here’s to a positive and powerful day! A Positive Attitude Changes Everything http://bit.ly/wfAy #SMTB
7:12 AM - 6 Apr 2009
The First Lady
@JillianMichaels P.A.C.E. Positive Attitude Changes Everything
8:49 AM - 18 May 2009
Dan Pace
Positive Attitude Changes Everything ...P.A.C.E.
11:54 AM - 16 Jun 2009
mike malto
my new marathon training mantra: set the PACE: Positive Attitude Changes Everything.  @joshcoxrun @ryanhall3 #marathon @brooksrunning
7:51 PM - 29 Sep 2009

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