A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from June 19, 2012
Oregon, We Love Dreamers (Oregon slogan)

“Oregon, We Love Dreamers” is the Oregon slogan that the Oregon Tourism Commission introduced in December 2003 to replace the previous slogan (since 1988), “Oregon, Things Look DIfferent Here.” The Portland advertising firm of Wieden+Kennedy was paid $425,000 for the slogan.
The “Oregon, We Love Dreamers” slogan had a mixed critical reception upon its introduction.
Portland (OR) Business Journal
State dreams up a new slogan
Portland Business Journal by Robert Goldfield
Date: Monday, December 1, 2003, 2:28pm PST - Last Modified: Monday, December 1, 2003, 2:29pm PST
Advisers to Gov. Ted Kulongoski have dreamed up new marketing campaigns for the state, built around the slogan “Oregon. We love dreamers.”
Officials unveiled the slogan and some initial marketing material in Portland Monday, at Leadership Summit 2003, an economic development conference. The slogan is a unifying theme intended for use in branding campaigns touting subjects as varied as tourism, business recruitment and university research
Google News Archive
5 December 2003, The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR), editorial, pg. A18, col. 1:
Dreaming of Oregon
State’s new slogan an improvement

Oregon has a new slogan, unveiled earlier this week at a second annual summit of state business leaders: “Oregon. We love dreamers.” Slogans, by their nature, invite ridicule, but it must be conceded that the new catchphrase is better than the one it replaces: “Oregon. Things look different here.”
Google News Archive
17 December 2003, Heppner (OR) Gazette-Times, “Off the Wall” by Merlyn Robinson, pg. 8, col. 2:
The new advertising logo for this state is “Oregon: We Love Dreamers.” How inspiring. The advertising agency people must have brainstormed overtime to come up with such creativity. The slogan suggests that everyone should prop up their feet and just dream about making things better. Using both brains and muscles it is the movers and shakers who generate business growth.
Portland (OR) Tribune
Wake up! This expression is a nightmare
Two views • Oregon has a new state motto ‘Oregon. We Love Dreamers’ and a high profile ad campaign to go with it; will out-of-staters feel the love?

By Lane Browning
The Portland Tribune, Dec 19, 2003, Updated Oct 30, 2009
No, no, no! Get the Wite-Out! Cue the erasers! Pull it, snuff it, cancel it before it’s engraved on any bus bench, Segway or billboard!
This is our new state slogan? This is what the geniuses at Wieden & Kennedy brought forth after hours of caffeine-juiced rumination? This low-carb pabulum, this “slogan lite”? This is the statement we want to make about ourselves?
“We Love Dreamers”? Why not “We Love Beemers”? Did the Lexus lobbyists stage a pre-emptive sit-in on their leather seats? Or why not “We Love Schemers”? Or “We Love Redeemers”?
“Things Look Different Here” had a lot more going for it than this dream-speak bumper-sticker drivel, which barely improves upon “She Flies With Her Own Wings,” that oblique tripe that served as state motto for more than a hundred years and was recycled 16 years ago.
I understand that half a million bucks is gushing into promotion of the new slogan. But I can’t make sense of a single syllable.
2 January 2004, Statesman-Journal (Salem, OR), “Identify Bonus Legislators,” pg. C8:
Ted Kulongoski has now spent a reported $425,000 (tax dollars) to develop and promote a new state motto: “Oregon. We Love Dreamers.” That’s $425,000 that could’ve been used to fund schools, state police and senior services.
New York (NY) Times
THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; Two states hire agencies to establish a broad brand identity for them.
By Stuart Elliott
Published: June 09, 2004
Oregon recently introduced its campaign, from Wieden & Kennedy, which carries the theme ‘‘Oregon. We love dreamers.’‘
Representatives of Oregon and Kentucky, and the agencies working for them, acknowledged that they faced challenges. For instance, said Debby Kennedy, director for the Brand Oregon Initiative for that state (and no relation to the agency), she and Wieden & Kennedy decided in the first year to focus on three areas: agriculture, business recruitment and tourism. If they could be combined under the Brand Oregon banner, she said, ‘‘it would be a great achievement.’‘
Sequential identities
The process of branding Oregon that shapes and updates its image over the years continues as the state celebrates its sesquicentennial

Saturday, February 14, 2009
The Oregonian Staff
It begins with a slogan. Oregon has marketed itself as a “Pacific Wonderland” where “You’re More Than Welcome” and “Things Look Different Here.” In 2003, the team debuted “Oregon, We Love Dreamers.”
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