A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from November 26, 2008
“Never order salad at a barbecue joint”

Good barbecue comes with sides (such as potato salad), but a rule of thumb often given is to “never order a salad at a barbecue joint.” Most barbecue places don’t serve salads, anyway, so there isn’t a choice.
A good barbecue place concentrates on cooking the meat (usually hot) and not on salads (whose many ingredients require proper refrigeration). Also, some people regard meat as “manly” food and salads as “sissy” food. The origin of this common BBQ saying is unknown.
6 February 1992, Washington (DC) Times, “A salute to barbecue in order at Old Glory”:
Kentucky Limestone Salad is nothing special, but who eats salad at a barbecue place, anyway?
13 June 1996, Austin (TX) American-Statesman, “John Kelso’s BBQ Trail”:
Be wary of a barbecue place that brags on its pasta salad.
9 February 2001, Austin (TX) American-Statesman, “Beans are fine at Kreuz’s, but forget the tofu” by John Kelso, pg. B1:
Newcomers seeking vegetables in a barbecue place, huh?
Texas - Chowhound
Kreuz’s Market to serve ... beans
I saw in the today’s Austin American Statesman a John Kelso column where he reveals that legendary barbecue place Kreuz’s Market will start serving beans in the next couple of weeks. This is notable because the place has had very limited choices other than outstanding meat, and none of those previous sidedishes involved cooking (whole advocados and tomotoes for instance).
Personally, I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess it depends on how good the beans are.
Anyway, I’ve included the link below, but it’s a relative link that will change tomorrow. You might have luck searching the archives.
Link: http://www.austin360.com/statesman/ed...
Carter Feb 09, 2001 09:16AM
The day Kreuz installs a salad bar will be the day I renouce my Barbecue Religion and become a Barbecue Atheist.
Carter` Mar 08, 2001 12:25PM
6 January 2002, Fort Worth (TX) Star-Telegram, “Lone Star State inspires amazing change,” Metro, pg. 3:
You stop asking for salad at a barbecue joint.
Willamette (OR) Week (March 30, 2005)
Turkey in the Garden salad ($9.50) from Clay’s Smokehouse (2932 SE Division St., 235-4755). Seems silly to eat a salad at a barbecue joint, but I love this so much that I have to order it. Fresh-smoked turkey comes rolled in thin slices on top of greens dressed with a light vinaigrette, tossed with roasted pecans, grated white cheddar, tomatoes and paper-thin slices of onion. Delish! (JT)
Why was she making salad? Who eats salad at a barbeque?
Nick on January 05, 2006 at 06:36
Abilene Christian University Optimist
Meat! Abilene: the Queens of BBQ
Jordan Swim serves up his take on two of Abilene’s best ladies-Betty Rose’s and Sharon Allen’s-for his series on the best-of-the-best in Abilene barbecue.

Jordan Swim, Contributing Writer
Issue date: 10/6/06
Sharon Allen’s
Sharon Allen’s does it right. You might be wondering about the relationship of this restaurant with another restaurant in town, but this is not the place to share the news; ask an Abilenian. They will catch you up on the saga.
When Sharon first opened, I was skeptical. I wondered what she could bring that Joe could not.
The answer: attention to detail.

Sharon’s restaurant is well thought out and her barbecue is precise.
Her brisket, sausage, pork loin, ribs, ham, turkey and chicken are each filled with rich juice and, when topped with her spicy sauce, wakes up your mouth.
The menu is filled with the classics, and you can’t go wrong with anything you order, except maybe the salad.

Salad at a barbecue joint? Yeah right.
Sunday Night Dinner
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Texas BBQ
Oh, and don’t order a salad at a barbeque restaurant in Texas. Just a bit of wisdom for the day.
Posted by Anna at 6:14 PM
anthony griffiths said…
Potato salad 😊
7:13 PM
lara griffiths said…
no salad- i agree. that may have been the first and last one they sold that day.
9:04 PM
Virgil’s BBQ Restaurant - Manhattan - Chowhound
Although this may sound completely crazy (salad at a BBQ place!), I love the Savannah Salad at Virgil’s. It’s by no means dainty or lacking in calories or have any redeeming healthful qualities, but it’s really good. I used to work on this block and a takeout order of hush puppies and Savannah Salad was my idea of the perfect comfort food lunch.
ballulah Mar 02, 2007 03:05PM
26 December 2007, Denver (CO) Post, “Cheap Eats: Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q” by Kimberly S. Johnson:
Go on an empty stomach and forget the diet, as there’s truly no sense eating a salad at a BBQ joint, though they are offered.
O’Boys Real Smoked Bar-B-Q
Neighborhood: Winter Park
565 West Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 478-6269
Jeff O
If you’re in the market for BBQ, O’Boys rocks!
O’Boys is better than Sonny’s (read as: cleaner and tastier), and more satisfying (read as: more plentiful and cheaper) than Blackwater. Sure, there’s no salad bar but who wants to eat salad at a BBQ place? Go to Sweet Tomatoes for that noise.
Luke Is Back
September 12, 2008, 12:36 AM
AL Pops his Porn Event Cherry with Savanna Samson
I’ve got my pad for notes and my little fun saver disposable camera, which I know will look like a grown man eating a fuckin salad at a BBQ at George Bush’s ranch - completely out of place. 
City-Data.com: Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater
11-08-2008, 11:19 PM
Mach, things have changed a bit. St. Pete has grown a downtown, and Ybor has been invaded by chain stores. Skipper’s Smokehouse still rocks, though.
And ordering a salad at a BBQ joint is sacrilege!
Austin (TX) American-Statesman
Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que
Slid-sliding away at Uncle Billy’s

By Mike Sutter
Thursday, November 20, 2008
But bless me, John Kelso, for I have sinned. I ordered salad at a barbecue joint. How could I resist? The smokehouse Cobb salad promised brisket, pulled chicken, avocado, egg, bacon and blue cheese. At $8.99, it was a right-priced gateway to the hard-core meat plates. I couldn’t finish it in one sitting. The orange chipotle vinaigrette dressing was awful, though, and I’m glad I stuck with barbecue sauce, mixing the sweet house sauce with a smoldering habañero version from a bottle sporting a skull and crossbones. Heed the warning.

Posted by Barry Popik
Texas (Lone Star State Dictionary) • Wednesday, November 26, 2008 • Permalink

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