A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 04, 2019
Lousy Line or Lousy Local (L or LL subway line)

The New York York City subway’s L train has had some unflattering nicknames. When the L was called the LL (1967-1985), it was called the Lousy Line” or Lousy Local.” When it became just the L, this was shortened to “Lousy.”
“The L Train on #Yelp: This train used to be called the LL, or ‘Lousy Local.’ (Before you were born, kiddies!)” was posted on Twitter by Fallopia Tuba on July 27, 2011. “I’d take the L train, which was not the train for all the hipsters like it is now. L stood for lousy line,” Guardian Angels founder and radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa said in February 2013. “Your Weekly L Train Update: L is for Lousy Service” was posted on Bushwick Daily on September 29, 2013.
The L train has also been called the “Love Train.”
Wikipedia: L (New York City Subway service)
The L 14th Street–Canarsie Local is a rapid transit service in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Its route emblem, or “bullet”, is colored medium gray since it serves the BMT Canarsie Line.
The L operates at all times between Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan, and Rockaway Parkway in Canarsie, Brooklyn. It also briefly enters Queens at Halsey Street, serving the neighborhood of Ridgewood. It is the first New York City Subway service to be automated using communications-based train control.
The L commenced its current route and service pattern upon completion of the Canarsie Line in 1928. Express trains formerly ran along the L’s trackage in central Brooklyn, running along the BMT Fulton Street Line in eastern Brooklyn, but were discontinued in 1956. Since then, the L has been entirely local.
The L, being a local train, was originally given the LL designation when letters were assigned to the BMT division. From 1928 to 1967, the same service was assigned the BMT number 16.
Re: Nicknames Of The Subway Lines
Posted by monorail on Thu May 17 23:30:31 2007, in response to Nicknames Of The Subway Lines, posted by E Line Fan on Thu May 17 14:45:38 2007.
LL-Lousy Louie; Losers of Life
M—Mary; Metro-Myrtle-Mugger-Mover
RR-Rock & Roll
Fallopia Tuba
The L Train on #Yelp: This train used to be called the LL, or “Lousy Local.” (Before you were born, kiddies!) It sti.. http://bit.ly/n6MMf2
1:04 AM - 27 Jul 2011
Re: Countdown clock on the (R) line @ Whitehall St
Posted by murray1575 on Thu Sep 15 18:02:22 2011, in response to Re: Countdown clock on the (R) line @ Whitehall St, posted by Westcode44 on Thu Sep 15 17:52:08 2011.
If RR=Rarely Reliable then LL=Lousy Local (at least that’s what we called it at Stuyvesant HS in the late 1960’s when it was still running BMT Standards).
By QNS Editorial / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  / Thursday, February 21, 2013 / 12:00 AM
Brooklyn Native Relates To 104COP Efforts
Curtis Sliwa-founder of the Guardian Angels, the international volunteer organization of unarmed citizen crime patrollers- told members of the 104th Precinct Civilian Observation Patrol at their Feb. 14 meeting in Glendale that both organizations had much in common-namely their dedication to the often-thankless job of protecting the communities they serve.
“I’d take the L train, which was not the train for all the hipsters like it is now. L stood for lousy line,” Sliwa said.
Bushwick Daily
Your Weekly L Train Update: L is for Lousy Service
It’s time for your midweek L train update so you can be reminded of how aggravated the L train makes you
Joe Rodriguez
Does the L train stand for lousy?  @MTA there should have been some sort of bus service.
8:16 PM - 23 Feb 2015 from Queens, NY
James Acevedo
The L train is the worst line in NYC. Its always something wrong on a daily basis with this SHITTY train line. The L stands for LOUSY!!!
NYCT Subway
#ServiceAlert: b/d; there is no L train b/t Broadway Junction & Rockaway Pkwy, due to a train with mechanical problems at Rockaway Pkwy
10:17 PM - 16 Nov 2016 from Bronx, NY
Justin Paterno
19 Jun 2018
The L Train is literally a hot mess tonight
Rob Passarella
Replying to @zerobeta
It use to be the LL back in the day ... the lousy line
7:38 PM - 19 Jun 2018

Posted by Barry Popik
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