A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from March 14, 2008
Honorary Texan

“Honorary Texan” appears on gift items at many Texas tourist shops. It’s often a joke item, bestowed on a person who was (unfortunately for him or her) not born in the state of Texas, but who nonetheless possesses Texas qualities.
“Honorary Texans” were bestowed by Texas governors beginning in the 1930s and 1940s. According to some modern rules, “Honorary Texan” can be given to natives of other states only; foreign nationals can be given “Honored Guest” certificates.
About This Video
The governor of Texas writes to Craig and advises him on what it takes to be a true (honorary) Texan.
Added: June 22, 2007
The Papers of Governor William P. Clements
The Governor of Texas has authority to bestow honors upon individuals in the form of appointment as Admirals in the Texas Navy, Honorary Texans, Ambassadors of Goodwill, and Yellow Rose of Texas. Members of the Texas Legislature, other state officials, private citizens, and representatives of businesses and a wide variety of organizations regularly asked the Governor to prepare certificates in which the Governor bestowed one of the above honors on an individual or group. In the case of Admirals in the Texas Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations of the Texas Navy was a frequent requestor.
In addition to regular Admirals in the Texas Navy, some individuals were named Honorary Admirals. Young individuals were occasionally named Junior Admirals.
Most requests have some type of justification for the honor to bestowed upon the individual or organization. Admiral in the Texas Navy certificates were requested for a wide variety of individuals and had little or nothing to do with prior naval or any other type of military service, but they were regularly given to males who had made significant contributions to society or strongly exemplified the Texas spirit. Honorary Texan certificates were frequently requested for foreign visitors to Texas and for foreigners who had provided assistance to Texas businesses doing business in a foreign country. They were also requested for children of native Texans when those children had the misfortune of having been born outside the boundaries of Texas. Ambassador of Goodwill certificates were requested for groups such as high school bands, other musical groups, and individual males traveling outside Texas. Yellow Rose of Texas certificates were prepared for individual females who had performed exemplary service to Texas or other Texans. Women who were recommended for Admirals in the Texas Navy were named Yellow Roses of Texas instead.
Texas National Guard
Texas National Guard Request
Office of the Governor Citizen Recognition
The Office of the Governor must receive a written request with the recipient’s first and last names as they should appear on the document, the date the award is needed, the date of the event, a return address, and the name and telephone number of the person making the request. Personal biographies are required for honorary certificates. A 10-day advance notice is required for all certificates.
Admiral in the Texas Navy: for persons with ties to Texas in recognition of their community involvement and accomplishments.
Honored Guest: for visitors from other countries.
Honorary Texan: for natives of other states (may not be awarded to foreign nationals).
True Texas Hero: for persons in recognition of their bravery.
Volunteer: for Texas volunteers in recognition of their service.
Yellow Rose: for Texas women in recognition of their community involvement and accomplishments. 
Longhorn Hatters
Honorary Texan Certificate
Presented to Annette Gover
On this day of our Alamo heros, May 7, 2006
Let it be known that the person’s name appearing above, has conducted his, or her self in a reverent manner becoming an Honorary Texan for the duration of a life time.
In the event the above honored person is caught defacing the name of The State of Texas, or any of its natural shrines, particularly The Alamo, as Ozzy Osborne once did, all honorary accolades associated with being named an Honorary Texan will be dropped as fast as you can repeat the phrase “The Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team” three times.
It is further understood that the above named person will eat a Chicken Fried Steak at least once a week, talk fondly of cows, and learn all of the lyrics to The Rock of Ages Cleft for Me, The Rose of San Antone, and The Yellow Rose of Texas.
Furthermore, in order to maintain the continuing right in becoming an Honorary Texan, Annette Gover agrees to wear Cowboy Boots, a Hat, a Bolo Tie, Levi’s (or Wrangler) blue jeans, listen to George Strait songs, ride a horse, and refer to Texas as an Independent Country each day during the next twelve months from the above date.
Texas Trading Post
Yay! “Honorary Texan” Bumper Sticker $3.99
I think it’s pretty well known world wide “Don’t Mess with Texas.”
Originally, one of the state’s logos, it has been used in so many different variations…and you can put your own definition to it…
And, of course, it’s showing off your pride in our Great State of Texas!
Texas Trading Post
Honorary Texan Coffee Mug $12.99
The second best thing to being a born ‘n raised Texas is being an HONORARY TEXAN!
This ceramic coffee cup is royal blue with gold striping, with “Honorary Texan” on the front along with the Texas State Seal.
On the back it reads, “As an Honorary Texan, you are entitled to drink longnecks and have a boot-stompin’ good time.  You are required to love Bar-B-Que, country music and share the great hospitality of the Lone Star State.”
We’ve met a lot of friends over the years who definitely have achieved this honored status….
T-Shirts N Texas

These shot glasses give rights and responsibilities to non-Texans on a temporary basis. Detailed rights are listed on the back of each shot glass. Native Texans are also honored with a detailed Texas Shot glass. 4 oz.
Yahoo! Answers
Honorary Resident certificates…......?
Are there any states that give out genuine ‘Honorary Resident’ certificates? For example, what can a NY Resident do to obtain an ‘Honorary Texas Resident’ certificate? This supposedly would allow the New Yorker to have special perks in Texas?
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
For Texas it is required that a Native Texan submit your name to the governor of the state, Rick Perry, along with recommendation for granting “Honorary Texan” status. Such recommendations must be accompanied with justification of said recommendation. Such “perks” as to which you refer include, but are not limited to, resident tuition for state universities. ....and it ain’t a gonna happen in your case until or unless you apologize for your slanderous remark equating said certificate to a prize from a box of Cracker Jacks.
9 March 1935, Galveston (TX) Daily News, pg. 11, col. 3:
He said that while in Houston he had had the honor of being named an honorary Texan, and was presented with a ten-gallon hat, which he prizes most highly and which he intends to take back to Washington to make the others members of the diplomatic corps highly envious.
(Dr. Rosso of Italy—ed.)
20 October 1943, Amarillo (TX) Globe, pg. 3, col. 1:
No longer can Amarillo reporters razz Lt. Mary Condon, acting commanding officer of the WACS at Amarillo Army Air Field, about being a “furriner from the Bronx.” She has been granted Honorary Texas Citizenship by none other than Gov. Coke Stevenson.
Bearing the State of Texas Seal the certificate proclaims: “In the name and by the authority of The State of Texas to all to whom these presents shall come—Greeting: Know ye, that Lieutenant Mary Condon is hereby commissioned Honorary Texas Citizen under the laws of the State of Texas with all rights, privileges and emoluments appertaining to said office. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto signed my name and caused the Seal of State to be affixed at the City of Austin, this the 18th day of October, A. D. 1943.”
1 October 1945, Dallas (TX) Morning News, section 1, pg. 1 photo caption:
Officially booted and hatted by Mayor J. Woodall Rodgers, Lt. Gen. Harold F. George became an honorary Texan and Dallas citizen.
7 March 1947, Dallas (TX) Morning News, section 1, pg. 3:
Because Miss CATHERINE SMITH, matron of dormitories at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn., is a fifth cousin of SAM HOUSTON, she has been named an honorary Texan.
23 December 1947, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “General MacArthur Made Honorary Texan,” section 2, pg. 19:
TOKYO, Dec. 22 (AP).—General Douglas MacArthur has been made an honorary Texan.
The title was conferred on him recently by Gov. Beauford H. Jester through Ramey A. Smith, former district attorney of Sulpher Springs, Texas. Smith conferred with MacArthur while here on legal business.
MacArthur told Ramey he was glad to receive the title and recalled days when he was stationed at San Antonio.
15 May 1948, Dallas (TX) Morning News, “Inverchapel Now a Texan,” section 1, pg. 1:
WASHINGTON, May 14.—Lord Inverchapel, retiring British Ambassador to the United States, was made an honorary Texan by the Texas Congressional delegation Friday.

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