A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from June 26, 2021
DTE (Down To Eat)

“I’m Always DTE (Down To Eat)” is a saying that has been printed on many images. “DTE” is a variation on “DTF” (Down To Fuck). There is also “DTE” (Down To Earth).
“does DTE mean down to eat?” was posted on Twitter by Harriet Thugman on July 9, 2009. “#mytype is DTE x2 (down to earth and down to eat)” was posted on Twitter by Geaux Getta on July 16, 2009. “are you DTE? you know, down to eat” was posted on Twitter by 饾憛饾惣饾挬饾挬 饾憖饾挏饾憛饾惣饾惛 on February 21, 2010. “DTE stands for Down to Eat Usually means more than just fast food, for example denny’s or some kind of buffet. See also: DTF” was entered in the Urban Dictionary on October 11, 2010.
“I’m always DTE. Down To Eat” was posted on Twitter by Jules on March 27, 2011. “I’m always DTE: down to eat” was posted on Twitter by Kels on June 29, 2011. “I’m always DTE - down to eat” was posted on Twitter by @versacedesktop on July 4, 2011.
Urban Dictionary
Abbreviation for “down to fuck”
Your DTF everyday!
I didnt wanna date the ho, I was just DTF.

by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
Urban Dictionary
abbreviation for description “down to earth”
“I’m an honest, dte fine arts student…”
by lavagirl July 12, 2005
Harriet Thugman
@AndrewPENAl does DTE mean down to eat?
1:58 AM 路 Jul 9, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Geaux Getta
#mytype is DTE x2 (down to earth and down to eat)
4:29 PM 路 Jul 16, 2009路Twitter Web Client
Oh My Vag
RT @BinLadenMinaj: I had a dream that my face was all in some vag man…all IN it! I’m starving for pooon man…anybody DTE? Down to EAT?
6:54 PM 路 Jan 29, 2010路ReTweetTweet
饾憛饾惣饾挬饾挬 饾憖饾挏饾憛饾惣饾惛
are you DTE? you know, down to eat.
1:44 PM 路 Feb 21, 2010路Twitter SMS
Rem De La Rem
@DANCEmy_assoff DTE down to eat!
12:19 AM 路 Feb 23, 2010路Twitter Web Client
DTE down to eat.
5:29 PM 路 Sep 5, 2010路Twitter for BlackBerry庐
Urban Dictionary
stands for Down to Eat
Usually means more than just fast food, for example denny’s or some kind of buffet. See also: DTF
dude, i’m so hungover… you DTE?
by JSwarley October 11, 2010
Jamie Pastrano
DTE. (down to eat!). always! 😉
1:00 AM 路 Dec 15, 2010路Twitter Web Client
Nicole Marie
@Anzypanzy, @courtzander we’re always dte (down to eat)
7:33 PM 路 Jan 1, 2011路Twitter for BlackBerry庐
I’m always DTE. Down To Eat.
3:07 AM 路 Mar 27, 2011路Twitter Web Client
I’m always DTE: down to eat
9:20 PM 路 Jun 29, 2011路Twitter for BlackBerry庐
I’m always DTE - down to eat
10:27 PM 路 Jul 4, 2011路Twitter SMS
Mad Man Jack
HA got to use this shit RT @blackstewi_: Fat girl are always DTE. Down to eat
5:39 PM 路 Sep 9, 2011路TweetDeck
Google Groups: camp-woosnam-2013-serv
Camp Dinner!
Noelle Buttery
Mar 17, 2013, 2:27:58 PM
to Camp Woosnam 2013 serv
Hey everyone!
Who’d be dte (down to eat) around 6/6:30 tonight at a relatively inexpensive place??
Google Groups: brothersofdifferentmothers
Milk day
Jan 20, 2014, 9:57:01 AM
to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
If Freddy J’s = open then Nick D = DTE (down to eat)
Houstonia (Houston, TX)
Burger King鈥檚 New Chicken Parmesan Comes With a Side of Reality TV Nostalgia
Does the sandwich promoted by the
Jersey Shore cast win the Snooki stamp of approval?
By Joanna O鈥橪eary 7/31/2017 at 2:00pm
BUOYED BY MY recent very positive experience with Burger King鈥檚 Mac and Cheetos Fries, I was game to do more research on the fast food chain鈥檚 other specials, and when I saw that the former cast of The Jersey Shore was involved in the promotion of the revamped chicken Parmesan sandwich, I was DTE (鈥淒own To Eat鈥), baby!
DonnieBo Official
Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll. Drop a pin, send location (skrrt, skrrt) , I’m always DTE (Down To Eat).  Marketer VS Everybody #vittles #PusherOfCulture
7:20 PM 路 Nov 22, 2018 from Los Angeles, CA路Twitter for iPhone
Urban Dictionary
Down to eat
I’m just of those people who is always dte
by Skray November 07, 2019
Astrology Vibez
DTF (Down to Fuck)
Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio
DTC (Down to Cuddle)
Leo, Libra, Cancer, Pisces
DTE (Down to Eat)
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
8:09 PM 路 Mar 7, 2020路Twitter for iPhone
El Arroyo
The new DTF
(The following text is shown on the restaurant’s sign.—ed.)
1:28 PM 路 Jun 26, 2021路IFTTT

Posted by Barry Popik
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