A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 19, 2024
Conservatoid (conservative + -oid)

“Conservatoid” is a derogatory term for a conservative.
” A Conservatoid is a fellow who proposes Conservative programs, and supports them with sloppy Liberal-type reasoning” was posted on the newsgroup wash.politics on November 13, 2014. “I know; let’s make up a word for the type of person Rush (Limbaugh—ed.) is: Masculinazi! Conservatoid!” was printed in the Tallahassee (FL) Democrat on April 22, 1995. “Conservatoids bound to go into cybershock over brave new words” was printed in the Northwest Herald (Woodstock, IL) on December 29, 1996. “I use ‘conservatoid,’ bcs Greek suffix ‘oid’ =‘similar to’ or ‘emulating,’ like ‘hemorrhoid’” was posted on X/Twitter by Наталья Паршина on December 31, 2018.
Google Groups: wash.politics
Liberalism (was: Discrimination…)
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Nov 13, 1994, 11:37:33 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, look at the referenced post closely. You see
above, the work of a Conservatoid. A Conservatoid is a fellow who
proposes Conservative programs, and supports them with sloppy
Liberal-type reasoning. Rush and other Conservatoids will succeed in
destroying Conservatism for generations to come, unless their efforts
to disgrace the Conservative movement are halted expeditiously.
22 April 1995, Tallahassee (FL) Democrat, “Your Letters,” pg. 10A, col. 4:
I know; let’s make up a word for the type of person Rush (Limbaugh—ed.) is: Masculinazi! Conservatoid!
C. D. Newman
Google Groups: alt.atheism
Groovy Lizard
May 3, 1995, 3:00:00 AM
Aahhhh, more conservatoid fact denial.
29 December 1996, Northwest Herald (Woodstock, IL), “Conservatoids bound to go into cybershock over brave new words” by James J. Kilpatrick, pg. 9, cols. 1-5:
I would love to give the old heave-ho to “liberaloid,” which Time magazine tested a few weeks ago.
David Weigel
Watching “The Room” with @psuderman and @janegalt and some non-twitted conservatoids
8:02 PM · Mar 3, 2009
Out of the Mountains: Shorts: Obama says: Thanks conservatoids for all these neat new Super-President powers! T.. http://tinyurl.com/chnzko
12:32 AM · Mar 8, 2009
@dansinker I’ve been having an evil fantasy of police turning the fire houses on all those conservatoids with teabags.
1:32 PM · Apr 15, 2009
Todd Andrew Barnett🇺🇸 🤘🏼 🧑🏻‍🦯🙏 🎃 🎃 🎃
Because Root is a conservatoid statist who sides with the state when it comes to the police state and racial profiling.
5:15 PM · Jul 25, 2009
Heather McCall
RT @Dr_Rose: RT @DavidBugnon: Palin rocks, I think she just may be a super ‘conservatoid’.  She’s getting ready to crash the gates at 16 ...
4:13 PM · Aug 20, 2009
Наталья Паршина
A thought:  These creatures are not “conservatives” by any proper definition.  They do not want to “conserve” anything; they are nihilists & told us so in ‘16:  “We want to burn it all down!”  I use the term “conservatoid” (”-oid” suffix meaning “like, resembling”).  I know…
9:36 AM · Sep 28, 2018
Наталья Паршина
I use the term “conservatoid”—the Greek “oid” meaning “similar to” or “emulating,” as in, “androids” are robots that resemble humans, or “opioids” are artificial chemicals that act like opiates.
I find it a useful solution that’s accurate, but not an insult per se.
10:39 PM · Nov 5, 2018
Наталья Паршина
Respectfully, “conservative” should be in scare quotes.
These creatures are not conservatives.
Conservatives are generally wrong, but the real ones are not always evil or stupid.
(I use “conservatoid,” bcs Greek suffix “oid” =“similar to” or “emulating,” like “hemorrhoid.”)
3:51 AM · Dec 31, 2018
J Green
#conservatoid is a good name for the parasite walking in the dead corpse of the old tory party.
4:36 AM · Nov 6, 2019
Ok conservatoid.
4:45 AM · Nov 7, 2019
Наталья Паршина
When the facts are against you,
shoot the messengers.
Yes, we know the conservatoid script pretty well by now, thank you for reminding us.
If you have any money, short the market;
it’s going down.
The question isn’t “whether,” just “when,” “how much,” and “for how long?”
5:20 PM · Nov 22, 2019
Sue R.
Piss off conservatoid.
7:11 PM · Dec 15, 2019
Jan Byll
The president himself is actually an unusually pronounced (everything)-phobe part of the story. To filter out ordinary ignorants of his 48%ish support and to see a theoretical electoral potential of conservatoid extremists here, I recommend Orban’s %s: https://novinky.cz/domaci/clanek/nejduveryhodnejsi-osobnosti-politiky-je-pro-cechy-caputova-vystridala-zemana-40307630
12:19 PM · Dec 20, 2019
Wendalyn Isabel
Martin is another #Reptoid #Conservatoid who thinks that #Populism and strong #Nationalism , along with #Xenophobic exclusion of anyone not #Christian is the only way any country will ever work. That #Liberalism is a disease, despite the richest countries being #Socialistic.
1:59 PM · Jan 8, 2020

Rob Engle
Once again Krystal….. let’s remind everyone who you work for:
John Solomon- conservatoid dirty trickster and Fox News contributor.
11:27 AM · Jun 8, 2020
prefer not to say
Am I alone in thinking “conservatoid” is a bad insult for a leftist to use given other uses of -oid? I’m guessing people think it sounds robotic as opposed to being used on women and people with down syndrome after being created as names to describe races as different species…
4:54 AM · Jul 3, 2021
Conservatoid is a new one…
1:29 PM · Jan 14, 2022
what the fuck is a “conservatoid” 💀 https://twitter.com/HLL_Liv/status/1481854955338174464
5:32 AM · Jan 15, 2022
Ghost of Guesclin
I propose a negotiation between L1btard Sh1tlibs and Conservatoid Trumptards: Sensible gun laws for strict porn censorship. No more Ak-47’s or online whores 🥂 https://twitter.com/NoLieWithBTC/status/1531657082251927555
8:36 PM · May 31, 2022
This is such a dumb take. America has 50 states, various territories, voting overseas in 750 bases abroad and embassies, and 6 time zones.
Taiwan is the size of Maryland. Give me a fucking break conservatoid
5:14 PM · Jan 13, 2024

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