A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from April 24, 2021
“Big Apple” in East Village Other (1968-1971)

East Village Other (EVO) was published in New York City from October 1, 1965 until March 1, 1972. It was one of America’s most influential underground newspapers of this period.
“Big Apple” appeared frequently in its pages. EVO has been digitized by Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press, now part of JSTOR.
Wikipedia: East Village Other
The East Village Other (often abbreviated as EVO) was an American underground newspaper in New York City, issued biweekly during the 1960s. It was described by The New York Times as “a New York newspaper so countercultural that it made The Village Voice look like a church circular.”
Published by Walter Bowart, EVO was among the first countercultural newspapers to emerge, following the Los Angeles Free Press, which had begun publishing a few months earlier.
22 November 1968, The East Village Other, pg. 11 comic strip:
24 January 1969, The East Village Other, “RADICAL PRESS: MORE HASSLE” by Tom Paine, pg. 5, col. 1:
And news trickles into the Big Apple from the outposts of the struggle.
5 November 1969, The East Village Other, “DECOMP,” pg. 17, col. 3:
Now it seems that in that column, Our Man In The Big Apple, D. Melmoth—the world’s leading practitioner of a new form of satire called Creative Libel (a cultivation of the techniques of Robert Welch and Mark Lane)— had solemnly declared that the GUARDIAN, in an attempt to bolster its sagging circulation, had thrown in with SCREW to publish a weekly homosexual pornzine.
24 March 1970, The East Village Other, “RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT WITH LINDSAY AND THE BIG SIX” by Ray Schultz, pg. 12, col. 1:
What’s happening is the sixth meeting of the Big Six Mayors, the two democrats and four republicans who agree that something must be done to help the cities of this state, and to that end they have banded together on a series of tours of their respective cities, the people of which represent 55% of the population of the state itself, and New York, the Big Apple, is the last stop and the most important.
14 April 1970, The East Village Other, pg. 7, col. 2:
But this is also New York with the junkies and dirt and paranoids and traffic and strikes and prices and chicks, and so some of us are hung on it, and we’re still and always here. It’s the Big Apple. Love it or leave it.
28 April 1970, The East Village Other, “A ROUNDUP OF IMPORTANT WORLD NEWS” by Ray Ace Schultz, pg. 3, cols. 2-3:
Underneath, we see the logo, then the screaming banner head, “CTA AID BID: LIFT THE GAS TAX,” which to the non-Chicagoan means that the Chicago Transit Authority, which runs a system of subways, el’s and busses not entirely unlike our own in the Big Apple, is trying to avoid raising the fare still another time, and the only viable suggestion at this point seems to be raising of the gasoline tax three cents per gallon.
4 August 1970, The East Village Other, pg. 16, col. 1:
2 September 1970, The East Village Other, “HOT SHIT AND OTHER NEWS,” pg. 5, col. 5:
I’m the guy and this is the story of New York, the Big big Apple, and our wet sloppy love affair.
2 September 1970, The East Village Other, pg. 14, col. 1:
The Big Apple
Jackie Friedrich
29 September 1970, The East Village Other, “CHICKEN SOUP AND GRITS” by ray, pg. 14, col. 2:
He’s a Jew from North Carolina and he didn’t come up here to attend Shut, no Barry (Farber—ed.) came to the Big Apple to make it on Broadway, that was his dream.
17 November 1970, The East Village Other, “TRASH CLASS CASH SMASH” by Honest Bob Singer, pg. 19, col. 1:
Delivered of this insight, Morrissey split for Paris with Jane Forth, a Trash star, there, in VARIETY’S phrase, “to lens an underground epic about the adventures of an American girl on the make, a contemporary golddigger,” and left that raft of hippie nonsense and youth kicks known to some as the cultural revolution to founder further on the shoals of satiety, Variety, and the astounding politics of Trash, whose boffo boxoffice in the Big Apple (Warhol’s first run at a first-run, Cinema II, excluding Lonesome Cowboys at the 55th St. Playhouse which has since gone the way o: all flesh pix) and throughout the cinematic Sodoms of your land indicates a surprise 3 taste (need?) for the depravity-at-a-distance that assure Middle America it’s still all right.
1 December 1970, The East Village Other, pg. 19, col. 4:
This is the Big Apple.
29 December 1970, The East Village Other, pg. 7, col. 4:
In the future, Bobby will be handing in more strips involving her adventures and mis-adventures, leading the life of a Pennsylvania Truckstop Slut in the Big Apple.
25 May 1971, The East Village Other, “MY LIFE AS LENNY” by Bernie Travis, pg. 4, col. 1:
Act II begins six months later, again in New York City. . .THE BIG APPLE.
10 August 1971, The East Village Other, “CHARLIE FRICK FRICK,” pg. 10, col. 1:
He may be from’ arizona via hollywood but the big apple is a match for even even the best-of them.

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