A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from May 19, 2020
Big Apple Comix (1975)

Big Apple Comix was a 32-page comic book published by Flo Steinberg (1939-2017) in 1975. It had stories about New York City issues, such as the city’s financial problems, crime and race relations.
“From Flo Steinberg’s Big Apple Comix, here’s Archie investigating 1970’s New York Peep Shows!” was posted on Twitter by pete doree on September 8, 2019.
Wikipedia: Big Apple Comix
Big Apple Comix is an early independent comic book published by Flo Steinberg in 1975. A historically important link between underground comix and what would later be called alternative comics, this 36-page, 6​3⁄4” × 9​3⁄4” hybrid with glossy color covers and black-and-white interiors contains 11 sometimes sexually frank stories by such mainstream creators as Neal Adams, Archie Goodwin, Denny O’Neil, Herb Trimpe, Al Williamson, and Wally Wood. Most of its stories revolve around New York City (colloquially known as The Big Apple) during a particularly low ebb in the city’s finances, crime situation, race relations, and infrastructure.
Wikipedia: Flo Steinberg
Florence Steinberg (March 17, 1939 – July 23, 2017) was an American publisher of one of the first independent comic books, the underground/alternative comics hybrid Big Apple Comix, in 1975. Additionally, as the secretary for Marvel Comics editor Stan Lee and the fledgling company’s receptionist and fan liaison during the 1960s Silver Age of Comic Books, she was a key participant of and witness to Marvel’s expansion from a two-person staff to a pop culture conglomerate.
OCLC WorldCat record
Big Apple comix.
Author: Big Apple Productions,
Publisher: New York City, NY : Big Apple Productions, [1975]
Edition/Format:   Print book : Fiction : English
Description: 32 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Westfield comics blog! (2013)   
Big Apple Comix arrived in 1975 (September, according to the indicia) as 32 ad-less black and white pages, with color covers, priced at one dollar. It’s labeled “Adults Only” on the cover, for good reason once you get inside. The short stories by a variety of New York-based comic talent aim to capture the adult side of life in the big city, including profanity and nudity. Big Apple Comix is one of a handful of releases considered early links between underground comix and modern independent/alternative comics. (Others include Mike Friedrich’s Star*Reach, Wally Wood’s witzend, and Mark Evanier’s High Adventure.)
“Fabulous” Flo Steinberg RIP
Afterword to BIG APPLE COMIX #1 1975
As drawn by Jack Kirby for WHAT IF 1978
As drawn by Pat Olliffe 2010
9:29 PM · Jul 23, 2017·Twitter Web Client
#RIP2017 Flo Steinberg. Comic book publisher of Big Apple Comix & former secretary to #StanLee at #Marvel Flag of United States
12:59 PM · Jul 25, 2017·Twitter Web Client
Steven Sheil
Camera Panel from My Word, by Wallace Wood, Big Apple Comix (1975). From Masters Of Comic Book Art, by P….
Panel from My Word, by Wallace Wood, Big Apple Comix (1975). From Masters Of Comic Book Art, by P. R. Garriock (Aurum Press, 1978). From Oxfam in Nottingham.
4:30 PM · Oct 30, 2017·Tumblr
Panel Pulp
Big Apple Comix #1 (1975)
4:00 PM · Feb 25, 2018·Hootsuite
Mark Reznicek
Replying to @realmarkrez @swilko5 and 2 others
Just for fun, here’s another Ploog story. Like his Luke Malone work, it was published in 1975. This is from Fabulous Flo Steinberg’s Big Apple Comix underground comic. LOTS of great art in this book. Gorgeous 2-page story written & drawn by Ploog.
10:15 AM · Sep 7, 2018·Twitter for iPhone
Bruce McCorkindale
L: Wally Wood art from WEIRD SCIENCE #22, 1953. R: Wood parodies himself in BIG APPLE COMIX #1, 1975.
1:18 PM · Sep 16, 2018·Twitter Web Client
John Verpoorten was Marvel’s production manager during the end of the silver age.  In 1975, he helped start big apple comix with Flo Steinberg.  He was 6’ 6” and almost 300 lbs.  His job title was “art associate” working at Marvel until his premature dea… http://bit.ly/2N3Znnb
12:37 AM · Feb 14, 2019·IFTTT
pete doree
Replying to @ComicsintheGA
From Flo Steinberg’s Big Apple Comix, here’s Archie investigating 1970’s New York Peep Shows!
2:57 PM · Sep 8, 2019·Twitter Web App
Le Commis Des Comics
Il va aider l’éditrice Flo Steinberg à monter son projet de créer l’un des tout premiers comic-books indépendants : Big Apple Comix.
Des pointures comme Neal Adams, Herb Trimpe ou Wally Wood pour des histoires se déroulant à New York.Down pointing backhand index
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6:09 AM · May 10, 2020·Twitter Web App
Larry King
Just finding out that Flo Steinberg, who was the heart of Marvel in it’s Silver Age heyday published a indie comic called BIG APPLE COMIX in 1975. It featured the work of Wally Wood, Herb Trimpe, Larry Hama, Archie Goodwin, Mike Ploog, Al Williamson, Marie Severin and Neal Adams.
10:44 PM · May 15, 2020·Twitter Web App
underground comix from 1967-1975
Here is an East Coast underground comic! Big apple Comix, 1975. In general, many artists started in the underground and then went mainstream later in life, but this is just the opposite. This one is made by most (all?) people who worked for DC and Marvel. Edited by Flo Steinberg
12:38 PM · May 19, 2020·Twitter for iPad

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