A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“You can’t tax your way to prosperity. You can’t bomb your way to security. And you can’t ban your way to liberty” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to security” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to democracy” (4/21)
“You can’t ban your way to freedom” (4/21)
“If you can’t expose crime in the government, you don’t really have a government. You have a dictatorship…” (4/21)
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Frog Sticks (french fries)

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to slaughter”

Bronx Crepes Suzette (blintzes)

Burn the British (toasted English muffin)

“Heart attack on a rack” (biscuits and gravy)

Nervous Pudding (jello)

“My favorite seafood is saltwater taffy”

“Peaches and gravy” (peaches and cream + gravy)

“Toot and scramble” (tout ensemble)

“How do I like my eggs? Umm, in a cake”

“There’s always room at the top”

“What do you think of the musician’s execution?”/“I’m in favor of it.”

Mother-in-Law Sandwich (tongue on rye; cold shoulder and lots of tongue)

Hoboken Special (pineapple soda and chocolate ice cream)

George Eddy (customer who doesn’t leave a tip)

“I love when my boss catches me doing work”

Massive Bank Account (“MBA” backronym)

Hudson River Ale (water)

“‘I ran a half marathon’ sounds so much better than ‘I quit halfway through a marathon’”

“Veni, Vidi, Venti” (“I came, I saw, I ordered Starbucks coffee”)

Burnham’s Folly (Flatiron Building)

“What do you get when you play a country song backwards?”

Noah’s Boy (ham)

Hebrew Enemies (pork chops)

Dusty Miller (chocolate sundae with malted milk)

“Never underestimate the healing power of singing in a car really loud by yourself”

Soubrette Row (West 39th Street)

Haines Bottom (call of a market bottom on March 10, 2009)

Broadway’s Living Room or Broadway’s Supper Club or Broadway’s Nightclub (Feinstein’s/54 Below)

Great Replacement (Grand Replacement)

Fulton’s Folly (North River Steamboat)

“A happy fighter is a dangerous fighter” (boxing adage)

“If you have no business in New York, you have no business being in New York”

“If you play great on Friday nights, then you can play on Saturdays” (football adage)

Quantitative Tightening (QT; Reverse QE)

“Dance like your vagina is on fire”

Marble Row (Fifth Avenue, between 57th and 58th Streets)

“If I could sell just one…” (”$30,000 pencil” sales joke)

“The first rule of rescuing is don’t become the second victim”

“Never buy a Friday high” (“Never sell a Friday low”)

Seven Sisters’ Row (West 25th Street)

U’ve Been Sacked (UBS nickname)

“The difference between a democracy and a people’s democracy” (joke)

“Ex-presidents are like Chinese vases—beautiful, valuable, and near-useless”

“Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!” (British policeman or unarmed officer joke)

“I get paid to be nice at work. Not sure why family and friends expect that for free”

PLG or Prospect Lefferts Gardens (Prospect Park + Lefferts Manor + Brooklyn Botanic Garden)

Goulash Avenue (Houston Street)

Goulash Alley or Goulash Avenue (Second Avenue, between 79th and 86th Streets)

“Form follows finance” (architecture adage)

WiNo (Williamsburg North)

Chow Mein Street (Broadway)

Spaghetteria (restaurant serving spaghetti)

Chowmeinerie or Chowmeinery (a Chinese restaurant)

“Where did you find a Chinese waiter who speaks Yiddish?” (Jewish restaurant joke)

“Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

“My hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner”

“I’m a graduate, so a thermometer is not the only thing that has degrees without brains”

“One day, I’ll solve my problems with maturity. Today. it’s with alcohol”

Great Accumulation

“Every time you have McDonald’s as a kid, it’s a victory”

“Alcohol, what’s that? It’s not in my vodkabulary, but let me check in Whiskypedia”

“There are two kinds of pedestrians—the quick and the dead”

“My job is secure. No one else wants it”

“Knowledge is like underwear—have it, but don’t show it off”

Four Continents at U.S. Custom House—Who posed for America?

“High school teams adjust next game; college teams next half; NFL teams next series”

“Why doesn’t Jesus play hockey?” (joke)

“I am known at the gym as the ‘before picture’”

“Children in the back seats of cars cause accidents…” (joke)

“The only thing not delivered by a truck is a baby”

“Give the lady what she wants” (Marshall Field slogan)

Comexodus (Comex + exodus)

Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success (“haters” backronym)

Cereal Bar

Residual Income Creates Happiness (“rich” backronym)

Massive Bank Account (“MBA” backronym)

Poor, Hungry and Driven (“Ph.D.” backronym)

Vesey Squeezey or Vesey Squeezy (pedestrian traffic at Vesey Street)

“Your tax dollars at work”

Kiss Cam (camera showing fans kissing)

“Chicken parm, you taste so good”

Journey Of the Broke (“job” backronym)

Slamboni (Zamboni-like machine for U.S. Open tennis)

Paperati (paper + -ati)

Mediocre But Aggressive (“MBA” backronym)

“Politicians and roosters crow about what they intend to do. Roosters deliver”

“Better safe than sued”

“Paging Donner party of six” (restaurant joke)

“Next time, get a speaking part” (theatre joke)

Much Deeper (Doctor of Medicine or MD backronym)

Bull Shit (Bachelor of Science or BS backronym)

More Shit or More of the Same (Master of Science or MS backronym)

Mediocre But Arrogant (“MBA” backronym)

Master Bullshit Artist (“MBA” backronym)

Poor, Hungry Doctor (“Ph.D.” backronym)

Money Doctor (Doctor of Medicine or MD backronym)

“People are dying to get in” (cemetery joke)

“Ready, Freddy” (“Ready, Freddie”)

Good Karma Jar (tip jar)

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