A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“You can’t tax your way to prosperity. You can’t bomb your way to security. And you can’t ban your way to liberty” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to security” (4/21)
“You can’t bomb your way to democracy” (4/21)
“You can’t ban your way to freedom” (4/21)
“If you can’t expose crime in the government, you don’t really have a government. You have a dictatorship…” (4/21)
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“Put some South in your mouth!”

Porkulus or Porkulous; Porkapalooza; Porktastic (full of “pork barrel” spending)

Pork Barrel

Log-rolling (Logrolling)

‘It’s so dry, the trees are bribing the dogs” (Texas heat joke)

“Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow”

Golden Sacks (Goldman Sachs nickname)

Golden Slacks (Goldman Sachs nickname)

“The best way to rob a bank is to own one”

“Our credit manager is Helen Waite. If you want credit, go to Helen Waite.”

“Packed like sardines”

“In the soup”

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand”

“Takes the cake”

“Piece of cake”

“Easy as pie”

Duck Soup

“A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit”

“Dieting is wishful shrinking”

“Forget love—I’d rather fall in chocolate”

“How do you like them apples?”

“Recipe: A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy…’

Oxford English Dictionary “Big Apple” definition (September 2008)

“A morning without coffee is like sleep”

“Coffee (n): break fluid”

“Hot diggety dog” (“Hot diggity dog”)

Crabmeat Dewey or Crab Meat Dewey (Crab Meat a la Dewey)

“If you were my husband, I’d poison your coffee” (Nancy Astor to Churchill?)

“There is a lot more juice in a grapefruit than meets the eye”

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we diet”

“Never say diet”

Peanut Gallery

Crabmeat Remick (Crab Meat Remick)

Arnold Palmer or Half-and-Half (lemonade + iced tea)

“Okey-dokey, artichokey” (“Okie-dokie, artichokie”)

Boston Cooler

Cream Soda

Black Cow or Brown Cow (root beer float)

Celery Soda or Celery Tonic (Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda)

Italian Ice

Beef Wellington

Tetrazzini (Chicken Tetrazzini; Turkey Tetrazzini; Spaghetti Tetrazzini)

Fettuccine Alfredo

“We Cure Our Own Corned Beef; Our Chicken Soup Cures Everything Else” (Ben’s Deli)

Broadway Country Club/42nd Street Country Club (Knickerbocker Hotel bar)

Caruso (cocktail)

“Sales is vanity, profit is sanity, cash is reality” (“Volume/ Turnover/ Revenue is vanity…”)

“Barbecue is as old as fire”

Irish Soda Bread

Devil’s Food Cake

Hangover Brunch

Hangover Breakfast

Chowhound (Chow Hound)

Gut Bomb (Gutbomb; Gut Bomber)

Angel Food Cake (Angel Cake)

Delmonico Potatoes

Delmonico Steak

Pretzel (Soft Pretzel)

Baldie or Baldy (pretzel without salt)

Old Maid (unpopped corn kernel)

Flopcorn (unpopped corn kernel)

Pandowdy (Pan-dowdy; Pan Dowdy; Apple Dowdy)

Tater Tots

Hash Browns (Hash Brown Potatoes; Hashed Brown Potatoes; Hashbrowns)

Hash Brownie

“All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal, or fattening”

Shoofly Pie (Shoo-fly Pie)

Jamwich (jam + sandwich)

Montgomery Pie

Boccone Dolce (Sweet Mouthful)

“Don’t sell the steak—sell the sizzle”

“Enjoy every sandwich” (Warren Zevon)

Heavenly Hash

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Murder Burger

Food for the Gods

Food of the Gods (Ambrosia)

Poor Man’s Oyster (mussel; snail; clam)

Mexican Potato (jicama nickname)

Mexican Turnip (jicama nickname)

Half-and-Half (dairy product)

Mary Ann Pan (Mary Ann Cake Pan)

Wall Street South (Charlotte, NC nickname)

“Yes! We Have No Bananas”

“What, no spinach?”


Cook-Off (Cookoff)

OAMC (Once-A-Month Cooking)

Agita (Agida; Acida)

“On the wagon” (“Off the wagon”)

“One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!”

Staten Island Ferry (cocktail)

“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back” (sidewalk saying)

“Roll up the sidewalks at night”

Big Cheese

Cheese (“Cheese it—the cops!”)

Pot Roast (Yankee Pot Roast)