A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“If it can’t be found in Dallas, it can’t be found anywhere in the world”

Close to everything, far from it all (League City slogan)

Dim Sum

Heart of the Valley (Donna motto/slogan)

Flag City (Edna nickname)

La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

Blue Tarp Mexican (slang for a Guatemalan)

Texas Strangers (Texas Rangers baseball team unofficial nickname)

Manitos (“little brothers” or Spanish-speaking New Mexicans)

“This is God’s Country. Don’t Drive Thru It Like Hell” (Hondo road sign)

Chicken Fried Salmon

Six Pack (UT-Austin campus buildings)

Father of Texas (Stephen F. Austin); Father of Texas Day (Nov. 3)

Mother of Texas (Jane Long)

“Drive Friendly—The Texas Way”

Owners’ Box or Owner’s Box (Texas House gallery where lobbyists sit)

Grammstanding (grandstanding, after Senator Phil Gramm)

America’s First Suburb (Brooklyn Heights)

White Texas Sheet Cake

Suicide Hill

Gefilte Fish


Belmont Breeze (former official drink of the Belmont Stakes)

White Carnation (former official drink of the Belmont Stakes)

Cottonest City in the World (Lubbock slogan)

“Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Suicide Soda (Suicide Coke; Graveyard Soda; Swamp Water; Shipwreck; Hurricane; Tornado)

Food Oscars (James Beard Foundation Awards)

JerryWorld or Jerry World or Jerry’s World (Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington)

Sundance Eggs

Cheater Ribs

City of Contrasts (Odessa slogan)

“Ugliest, filthiest, shittiest city in the world” (Henry Miller)

“West Texas Girls…don’t wear lip gloss during a dust storm”

Huntsvegas (Huntsville nickname)

“Barbecue sauce is like a beautiful woman. If it’s too sweet, it’s bound to be hiding something”

Brother-in-Law Sandwich (chopped beef, hot links and cheese)

Capital of the Border (El Paso slogan)

Murraytown (Murray Hill, Kips Bay, Gramercy & the Flatiron)

The Line That Time Forgot (Second Avenue Subway)

Wasteway (Westway nickname)

“Pinch the tail and suck the head” or “Suck the head and pinch the tail” (crawfish eating)

New Duranty Times (New York Times nickname)

New York Slimes (New York Times nickname)

Herf (draw on a cigar or cigarette)

Cotton Belt Route (Cottonbelt Trail)

Cotton-Eyed Joe (Cotton-Eye Joe)

Drinking Straw Effect (oil drilling term)

Nerd Bird

Rose Capital of America (Tyler nickname)

Dallas Phallus/ Ball/ Golf Ball/ Microphone/ Dandelion/ Circle Tower (Reunion Tower nickname)

“Summer Streets” (car-free streets during summer)


Milk Shake (Milkshake)

Death by Chocolate

Church of the Holy Barbecue (New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Huntsville)

“If it looks like a taco and smells like a fish…” (Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Fort Worth)

Frisclosure (Frisco nickname during foreclosure crisis)

Sun, Salsa and Soldiers (Fort Bliss/El Paso slogan)


Marfa Lights

Home of the Hereford (Albany slogan)

Home of the Grapefruit (Mission slogan)

Dallas Morning Snooze (Dallas Morning News nickname)

Fort Worth Startlegram (Fort Worth Star-Telegram nickname)

Dallas Crimes Herald (Dallas Times Herald nickname)

Longhorn Iced Tea

Real Estatesman (Austin American-Statesman nickname)

The Deadly Toxin or The Daily Toxin (The Daily Texan nickname)

Abilene Distorter-News (Abilene Reporter-News nickname)

San Antonio Excuse-for-News (San Antonio Express-News nickname)

San Antonio Blight (San Antonio Light nickname)

Houston Chronic (Houston Chronicle nickname)

Houston Barnacle or Houston Barnicle (Houston Chronicle nickname)

Lastros (Houston Astros baseball team unofficial nickname)

Brooklyn (vanilla and caramel frappuccino)

Brooklyn Cocktail

Red Hook (cocktail)

Clowncil (Clown Council)

Plano Princess

White Harlem (Morningside Heights)

Leather Capital of the World (Yoakum nickname)

“Eating Out Is Fun!” (Texas Restaurant Association)

Austinite (cocktail)

‘Stros (Houston Astros baseball team nickname)

“Life’s short. Eat more pie!” (Texas Pie Company in Kyle)

“The Shortcut to Mexico” & “The Mex! Without the Tex” (Guajillo’s in San Antonio)

Southern Millionaires University (Southern Methodist University/SMU nickname)

Parkie (resident of Park Cities of Highland Park/University Park)

“Slow walk” (“low and slow” barbecue)

Gas Tourism (Gas Tourist)

High Tech Happy Hour (Low Tech Happy Hour)

“Texas is neither southern nor western. Texas is Texas.” (William Blakley)

“You know the good part about all those executions in Texas? Fewer Texans.” (George Carlin)

“God made Texas on his day off, for pure entertainment…” (Mary Lasswell)

“Texas occupies all of the North American continent except Canada, Mexico and the rest of the U.S.”

“Texas tall talk is not a lie; it is an expression of a larger truth.” (Paul Crume)

“If all the Texas steers were one steer, he would have his front feet in the Gulf of Mexico…”

“Texas is so big that the people in Brownsville call the people in Dallas ‘Yankees.’”

Crew Gardens (Kew Gardens)

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