A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 15, 2024
“Bike hair, don’t care”

“Bike hair, don’t care” is a saying that has been printed on many images. “Biker hair, don’t are” has also been printed on many images. The speaker cares more about biking that hair.
“Bike hair. Don’t care” was posted on X/Twitter by City Bitch Life on October 18, 2011. “bike hair don’t care” was posted on X/Twitter by Cassi Shober on June 14, 2013. “Bike hair don’t care!!” was posted on X/Twitter by ИᎥƘƘᎥ ᔕᗰᎥ✞ℍ on August 11, 2013.
“Biker hair, don’t care #windblown” was posted on X/Twitter by Bailey Teague on January 28, 2013. “Biker Hair Don’t Care” (shown on a cap) was posted on X/Twitter by Grace Adorned on April 9, 2016. “Biker hair don’t care” (shown on a T-shirt) was posted on X/Twitter by Arkansas Made on June 7, 2016.
Similar “hair, don’t care” sayings include “Gym hair, don’t care,” “Hockey hair, don’t care,” “Jet ski hair, don’t care,” “Ski hair, don’t care,” “Snow hair, don’t care” and “Snowy hair, don’t care.”
City Bitch Life
“Bike hair. Don’t care. Spanking.” -A
11:43 PM · Oct 18, 2011
Bailey Teague
Biker hair, don’t care #windblown
12:33 PM · Jan 28, 2013
Cassi Shober
Bike ridin! #Summa bike hair don’t care😂✌ Angelica Post, @AnJellycaToast https://vine.co/v/hBBm9vOWvvT
10:57 PM · Jun 14, 2013
Bike hair don’t care!! Dinner w @jlawlawson
💕💁😍 http://instagram.com/p/c5FyZbwpni/
7:53 PM · Aug 11, 2013
bonnie brunner
Bike hair don’t care. #selfie #inception http://instagram.com/p/vJq1ePBReY/
2:50 PM · Nov 8, 2014
Debra Smith
Bike Hair Don’t Care http://fb.me/7dtoIS35v
11:13 AM · Apr 9, 2015
#tshirt #tee Bike Hair Don’t Care T-shirt UNISEX
1:07 AM · Jul 2, 2015
Grace Adorned
http://spree.us/3eek0 - For #sale! Biker Hair Don’t Care (preorder) | via
@SpreesyCo - #deals
(“Biker Hair Don’t Care” is shown on a cap.—ed.)
9:55 PM · Apr 9, 2016
Arkansas Made
Biker hair don’t care with motorcycle custom shirt, biker girl shirt, biker chick, biker babe, motorcycle shirts by…
(“Biker Hair Don’t Care” is shown on a T-shirt.—ed.)
5:57 PM · Jun 7, 2016
In the minouette shop: SVG Biker Hair Dont Care Curly Hair No Hair Clip art Cut Files SVG Cuttable Files Bundle Cu… http://ift.tt/2wt92Nj
1:45 PM · Sep 2, 2017
Google Books
Bike Hair Don’t Care: Funny Sayings on the Cover Journal 104 Lined Pages for Writing and Drawing, Everyday Humorous, 365 Days to More Humor & Happiness Year Long Journal / Daily Notebook / Diary
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Google Books
Biker Hair Don’t Care: Funny Cool Motorcycling Journal Notebook Workbook Diary Planner-6x9 - 120 Blank Pages - Cool Gift Idea for Motocycling Fans, Enthusiasts, Motocross Drivers, Bikers and Motorsport Lovers
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Mieroe Motorcycling Enthusiasm
Independently Published, Nov 10, 2019 - Transportation - 122 pages
Country Grace With Alisha
Check out Bike Hair Dont Care Messy Bun Computer Non Slip Mouse Pad White #CountryGraceWithAlisha https://ebay.us/FdALrW via @eBay
4:54 PM · Sep 25, 2021
Farm Grandpa
For Bikers: Bike Hair Don’t Care handmade
Grab Now -> https://etsy.com/listing/1410602479/bike-hair-dont-care-necklace-gift?ref=listings_manager_grid
12:36 AM · Feb 7, 2023

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