A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Jacob’s Rail (Veloway in Austin)

Nacanowhere or Naconowhere or Nacognowhere (Nacogdoches nickname)

Naked Roaches (Nacogdoches nickname)

Pine Curtain

Unique by Nature (McKinney slogan)

Gay Boulevard

Madison Avenue of Hispanic Advertising (Houston Street in San Antonio)

Comfort Food

Wrecking Crew (Texas A&M football defense)

“Work eight hours, sleep eight hours—but not the same hours” (T. Boone Pickens?)

BIN (Born In Nacogdoches)

Water Ski Capital of Texas (Lake McQueeney nickname)

Spasagna (Spaghetti + Lasagna)


Harlem’s Cathedral (St. Charles Borromeo Church)

Cradle of Texas Independence (San Augustine nickname)

Cradle of Texas Liberty (Alamo/San Antonio nickname)

Brownie Butts

Dachshund Sausage

New Times Square or New Old Times Square (Queens Plaza)

No Fun City (New York City; Vancouver)

Gospel Brunch

Chicken Fried Ribeye Steak

Paris Texas Platter (migas + French toast)

Texas Grilled Cheese Sandwich

“Lost in Austin”

Athens of Texas (nickname of many Texas cities)

Concrete City (Seguin nickname)

Mad Men (Madison Avenue admen)

Buckle (Blueberry Buckle; Peach Buckle)

Hippie Church (“gospel brunch” in Austin)

Cinema Island (City Island)

Bronx Riviera (Orchard Beach)

Poor Man’s Riviera (Coney Island)

Yiddish Broadway or Yiddish Rialto (Second Avenue in Manhattan)

Cioppino (Ciopino; Ciuppin)

Little Harlem & Little Latin America (Corona, Queens)

Floating Head (Douglas Manor swimmer)

NoMad (North of Madison Square Park)

“Oh, we must be in Pasadena!”

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.” (Houston Rockets coach Rudy Tomjanovich)

Houston’s Plymouth Rock & Houston’s Heart (Allen’s Landing)

Dirty South

Dirty Third (Dirty 3rd)

“My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys”

BOI (Born On the Island) & IBC (Islander By Choice)

Toxicana (Texarkana nickname)

Necklace Lighting (“necklace lights” on suspension bridges)

Inflation Eve (balloon-inflating for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade)

Falloon (float + balloon)

Balloonicle (balloon + float)

Balloon Wrangler

Knightees (Queens College women’s teams)

Southside Fade (haircut)

LBJ Law or Lyndon’s Law or LBJ Rule (simultaneous runs for senator and vice president)

“Edmonton is to Calgary as Austin is to Houston”

Demosthenes of Texas (Richard Bennett Hubbard, Jr.)

Texas Nectar (cocktail)

Waldorf Cocktail

First Monday Trade Days (Horse Monday; Dog Monday)

Klobasnek or Klobasnik (“sausage kolache”)

“It looks like a toothpick in a pie” (J. Frank Dobie on UT tower)

Galvatraz (Galveston nickname)

Killtown or Kill-Town (Killeen nickname)

“Harder than eating red beans with a pitchfork”

Blue Alert 〈“Amber Alert” for officers〉

Dutch Broadway (Courtlandt Avenue in the Bronx)

Bean Burger (Beanburger)

Cuatro Leches or Quatro Leches (four milks cake)

Pie Car

Texas Trinity (brisket/ribs/sausage; mustard/mayo/pickles)

Flour Tortilla