A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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“I tried memeing less, but it made my day memeingless” (7/21)
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Entry from November 25, 2015
Piecaken (pie + cake + turducken)

“Piecaken” (pie + cake) is a dish that was inspired by “turducken” (turkey + duck+ chicken). Several pies are all made into a cake.
CakeSpy‘s “Cookie Cake Pie” in 2009 was called the “turducken of desserts.” “Cherpumple” (cherry + pumpkin + apple) was popularized in 2010 and was also called the “turducken of desserts.”
“Now I have something to make post-piecaken” was cited on Twitter on July 31, 2010. “I don’t care what you say - if you can have a TurDucken for dinner, then I can have a PieCaken for dessert” was cited on Twitter on November 25, 2010. Piecaken became a popular Thanksgiving dessert in November 2015.
Ambug sez: Pie cake ice cream- the Turducken of desserts. Don’t ask me; he told me to tweet it…
6:50 PM - 17 Jan 2009
Triple Threat: The Cookie Cake Pie
Cookies, Cakes and Pies are basically the holy trinity of baked goods.
Separately, each is wonderful in its own way. Cookies and milk after school. Birthday cake. Pie at Thanksgiving.
But what if—just what if—all of this awesome could be combined into one singular sensation?
Mont Chris Hubbard
@bergamont Cookie-cake pie is the turducken of desserts!
6:30 AM - 30 May 2009
@elizarde for a second I was all “whoa sourdough cobbler” but then I read your tweet properly… now I have something to make post-piecaken.
6:02 PM - 31 Jul 2010
john morris
I don’t care what you say - if you can have a TurDucken for dinner, then I can have a PieCaken for dessert.
12:20 PM - 25 Nov 2010
Gourd Royalty
@Roguestake Did I ever show you the Piecaken? The dessert version of a turducken?
12:32 PM - 3 Dec 2010
Blogging the House
We had our annual holiday dinner with the Ks in mid-December. Last year, we had a Flaming Feast—everything, from cocktails to salads to dessert—was flambéed.
This year, inspired by the egregious but amazing cherpumple, our theme was Food Inside of Other Food.
The idea was that you stuff one food item with another complete food item—not with a filling or a sauce, but with another made food.
The Shaky Baker
June 11, 2012
Release the Piecaken!
A friend sent me this picture (I did not make this or take the photo), and I thought it was too crazy not to be shared.  Amazing the strong reactions on both sides that this over-the-top dessert stirred up!  This, my friends, is PIECAKEN.  The sugary version of turducken.  Pie baked into a cake.  Amazing to some.  Horrifying to others.  But regardless of your position of it, piecaken did create quite the stir.
Google Books
Petite Treats:
Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Delights

By Morgan Greenseth and Christy Beaver
Berkeley, CA: Ulysses Press
Pg. 123:
You’ll be the hero of any party.
POSTED ON: 3 MAY 2012 - 11:03AM
There are times to eat healthy, and then there’s Derby, a time for all the mint juleps and bourbon balls and whiskey you can stuff into your face. In the land of the deep fried, the chocolate dipped, the bacon infused, I decided to make the most ridiculous Derby dessert ever: a piecaken. A piecaken is a pie baked inside a cake, frosted like a regular cake but then when you cut into it—VOILA! Sweet, luscious, moist pie inside a soft cake covered in frosting. The idea for a Derby Piecaken came partially from my favorite blog, and partially from a desire to cram as much chocolate and bourbon into one space as humanly possible. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Thursday, April 23, 2015
PecanPIECaken - A Pecan Pie Inside a Maple Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake
I have been wanting to pair up my home-roasted pecans with a flourless chocolate cake for as long as I can remember, but have never got ‘round to it for some reason. And then I thought, why not put a pecan pie inside of a flourless dark chocolate cake? This seemed to be the inspiration I needed, because I jumped right to the task without hesitation
“LIVE With Kelly And Michael”: Piecaken
The Daily Dot
The real origins of piecaken, the Internet’s latest dessert craze
By Amrita Khalid
Nov 24, 2015, 1:09pm CT | Last updated Nov 25, 2015, 3:22pm CT
It’s official: piecaken is Thanksgiving’s reigning dessert.
On a recent segment of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, the chipper morning duo implied the piecaken is a new dessert discovery. In reality, though, this quirky Thanksgiving dessert dates as far back as 2010.
The mastermind behind the Kelly and Michael piecaken is Zac Young, the executive pastry chef at David Burke fabrick in New York City. In an interview with the Daily Dot over e-mail, Young explained how he brought the dessert to David Burke fabrick with the original idea to serve piecaken by the slice as a Thanksgiving special.
Yahoo! Makers
‘Piecaken’ Is the Official Dessert of Thanksgiving
Kelly Phillips Badal
November 24, 2015
This year, you can have your cake — and your pie — and eat it too. That is, if a “piecaken” graces your Thanksgiving dessert spread.
Long-time foodies will recall that early versions of piecakens have been around since 2007, but this is the year that they’ve really taken off. So take your pick of our favorites, or DIY up your own combo!
New York (NY) Times
Forget Turducken. It’s Piecaken Time.
Piecaken has existed in underground dessert-eating circles for years, but a Thanksgiving-inspired recipe from pastry chefs at David Burke Fabrick in New York spent some time this week on the daytime talk show circuit. It’s a spiced poundcake with layers of pecan pie and pumpkin pie, topped with upside-down apple pie, slathered in cinnamon buttercream and edged in oat struessel. Just look at this thing.
Zac Young, the executive pastry chef for David Burke Group, said Wednesday that he dreamed up the recipe four months ago with Fabrick’s pastry chef, Gian Martinez. They wanted to take “dessert turducken” to the next level. The business has been churning out about 100 piecakens a day, at $49 each.

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