A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from December 11, 2016
PEOTUS (President-Elect Of The United States)

“PEOTUS” is an acronym for “President-Elect Of The United States.” “PEOTUS” was posted in the newsgroup alt.culture.alaska, when it referred to George W. Bush.
Similar acronyms include “POTUS” (President Of The United States), “FLOTUS” (First Lady Of The United States), “VPOTUS” (Vice President Of The United States), “SCOTUS” (Supreme Court Of The United States), “COTUS” (Constitution Of The United States), “COTUS” (Cat Of The United States), “DOTUS” (Dog Of The United States) and “TOTUS” (Teleprompter Of The United States).
Google Groups: alt.culture.alaska
[OT] George W. Bush & global issues
Shooty Canseco
The Canadians are also wary of Dumbya because HE’S NEVER EVEN VISITED CANADA!  And now that his drunk driving conviction has been discovered, it’s questionable whether Canada would even let him into the country were he not PEOTUS.
Walter Alarkon
Pool report calls Obama “PEOTUS.”
9:39 AM - 17 Nov 2008
Chicago (IL) Tribune
Special Barack Obama code language
By Christi Parsons
DECEMBER 16, 2008
By now, almost everyone knows the president-elect’s Secret Service code name (“Renegade”). But there’s an entire private language used by the entourage of staff and press traveling with Barack Obama. Here are some terms from the lexicon:
PEOTUS: When addressing Obama in person, the preferred mouthful is “Mr. President-Elect,” but acceptable behind his back is the acronym for “President-elect of the United States” (and precursor to the more familiar POTUS). Other shorthand in use includes PEBO, incorporating his initials.
FLEOTUS: It has a certain ring for the first lady-to-be, but it has more syllables than her actual name so she is known mostly as “Michelle.” FLEMO is also in vogue.
January 2009, Building Design & Construction, “Dear PEOTUS: Please open this memo Jan. 21” by Robert Cassidy, pg. 7:
Dear Mr. President-elect of the United States: Sir, you’ve picked a solid energy, environment, and climate team. On behalf of America’s “Building Teams,” we respectfully ask you to pass on the following unsolicited advice on issues of importance to the built environment.
13 January 2009, The Christian Century, “Century Marks,” pg. 9:
CODE LANGUAGE: The staff and press entourage traveling with Barack Obama has its own private language: PEOTUS stands for the President-elect of the U.S. and FLEOTUS for the First Lady-elect of the U.S. Alternatively, their initials are used, PEBO and FLEMO. Pro-Bamas are the people who line the streets when PEBO is expected to pass, and the Foe-Bamas are the ones who concern the Secret Service personnel. Lid is the jargon used when PEBO is done for the day and won’t be available to the press or public anymore. “We have a lid,” the press pool concludes (Chicago Tribune, December 16).
Patrick V. Grayson
potus vs peotus
2:24 PM - 15 Jan 2009
Oddly hard finding out exactly when PEOTUS will become POTUS. It’s noon EST, according to http://tinyurl.com/yt92zg
5:17 PM - 16 Jan 2009
#POTUS. Today is last Wednesday of #POTUS before President Elect 2016 (#PEOTUS).
12:34 PM - 2 Nov 2016
Micah Grimes
The return of an acronym: PEOTUS
President-Elect of the United States
8:07 AM - 10 Nov 2016
Philip Crowther
From @anitakumar01’s White House pool report comes this acronym: #PEOTUS: President-elect of the United States.
10:00 AM - 10 Nov 2016 from Washington, DC
Paul Bedard
New acronym: President-Elect of the United States. From WH Pool - PEOTUS will be arriving via the South Lawn and not visible to journalists.
10:02 AM - 10 Nov 2016
Washington (DC) Examiner
PEOTUS report card: Trump takes lead in dismantling era of Obama
A month after being elected president, Donald Trump is creating a government set to do what he promised in the campaign: dismantle much of President Obama’s agenda.

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