A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 03, 2010
Nutcracker and Nemo (sweet liquor punch)

A “nutcracker” is a drink of fruit punch and alcohol; a “nemo” (after the 2003 film Finding Nemo) is a frozen nutcracker.  The New York (NY) Daily News wrote about the drinks on January 3, 2010: “Bodegas, barbershops dealing sweet liquor punch ‘Nutcrackers’ to city teens” by Simone Weichselbaum.
The origins and the contents of “nutcrackers” are much in dispute. One site (below) claims that the nutcracker originated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1994. Nutcrackers have been popular in Washington Heights and Harlem since at least 2006. Other cocktails also go by the name “nutcracker,” resulting in some confusion.
Urban Dictionary
Summertime alcoholic mixed frozen drink, usually mixed by people at home and sold on the street and by word of mouth. Different flavors include Nutcracker, Finding Nemo, and Spongebob.
Do u know who has the “nutcrackers” on the block ?
Did u taste the new “Spongebob” ?

by thebigthrowdown Jul 19, 2006
Urban Dictionary
a slushie sold out of such places as bodegas and laundry matts, comprised of slushie, alchohaul, promethazine, liquid codeine, ecstacy, other various substances. sold in 5 cups, 10 cups, half gallons and gallons. analagous to lean, sizzurp, nutcrackers
hey baby lets split a 10cup of nemo and fuck.
Yo lets roll over to wash heights and cop some fuckin NEEEEMMMOOOSS

by j web Nov 20, 2007
an alcoholic slushie that gets you super good!
Sarah : Dude, let’s get some nemos!
Jessica : Hell yeah! That gets you feelin’ crazy !

by lilyanne23 May 4, 2009
Q: How do you make a ny nutcracker drink?
A: Everyone makes them different, the problem is most people us really cheap stuff (call liquor) and that’s why they only cost $5 and get you really drunk.
You can get them at most corner stores in cities in NY state, some people have even bottled the stuff.
The guy who originally created the drink was unable to get a patent because he was using named brand liquors to make it.
There are so many flavors now that you could basically mix anything you like and call it a nutcracker.
My favorite is:
1 shot of Grey Goose
2 shots of Bacardi Grand Melon
1/2 shot of Moonshine
1/2 shot of Peach schnapps
Splash of apple pucker
Cranberry Juice
But remember nutcrackers are only popular because they cost $5 and you get them at 24 hour corner stores after the liquor store is closed.
In no way should you think that a nutcracker is a high quality drink. It’s only purpose is to get you drunk really fast for really cheap.
ProjectCOVO.com Global Forum
02-11-06, 09:51 PM
MY niccas in the hood…Whats yall favorite summer drink?
Im from washington heights and we drink nutcrackers out here (fruity alcoholic drink) they make in the plastic containers that the chinese take out spots make their ice t’s. They pretty strong too 2 of them will have u pretty good for the nite. U can find them bein sold in the back of ur local barbershop by one of the nikkas in there.
How to make a nutcracker
February 23, 2008
Nah Right
Digital Scales Says:
May 9th, 2008 at 9:17 am
g7 b-ease whats good

word d block
voice decoder+being stupid high on lean+wack lyrics= lil wayne me and my drank

shout to my nigga speedy from the heights that invented that sponge bob and findin nemo nutcrackers
bunch of foney fucking nutcrackers ass niggas, cant sell drugs so you sell drinks ..hahahaha
Nah Right
D_block_4_life Says:
May 9th, 2008 at 9:21 am
bunch of foney fucking nutcrackers ass niggas, cant sell drugs so you sell drinks ..hahahaha
lol yo digi that so funny u said that niggas in my hood be selling drinks too, they has biz cards and all that…smh a lil…them finding nemo shit are crazy tho
TCK on Broadway
Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 3
June 19, 2008 - Posted by Carlito Roc
The Competition
When I first started to research about the street drink called “Nutcracker”, I was also told of other drinks sold on the streets of Washington Heights and El Barrio called “Elmos”, “Cookie Monsters”, and “Finding Nemos”.
A few days ago, I found what may be The Mighty Nutcracker’s biggest foe. “Dog Water”.
Now, eventhough Dog Water is based on, and basically another version of Nutcracker, peep what the “creator” has to say.
“Dog Water™ was started in SPRING of 2001. While walking around the hood, I kept hearing about a drink called a Nutcracker. I was curious and wanted to know more. So, I spent a considerable amount of time talking to people and learning about mixed drinks. I also remembered what a big liquor company once told me about the making, blending and mixing of different types of liquors. As an entrepreneur, I understood the effort and risk of venturing into new territory. However, I decided to put my own spin on it. It took a lot of time, effort and other resources during the initial phase to mix, test, and sample until a premium beverage was arrived at. Dog Water™ was worth the plunge into uncharted waters. Try one today and enjoy one of the industry’s finest new mixed drink sensations.”
92JDM eg6
08-13-2008, 11:54 AM
Nutcrackers HELP?
its a nemo in the heights and i think they use heavy sht like everclear and devil springs ..it comes in a slushy but that shit is rockin
TCK on Broadway
Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 5
September 2, 2008 - Posted by Carlito Roc
Although the mighty Nutcracker is most popular in uptown Manhattan, it is also widespread in the Bronx as well as parts of Corona Queens. Its origin though, can be traced back to Williamsburg Brooklyn as early as 1994.
I’ve had many people who’ve been drinking them since the mid 90’s take exception to me calling it an “Uptown Phenomenon”, since it seemed to catch on uptown later in the 2000’s.
After seeing the documentation in the following video, you will see where I’m coming from. There is no where else in the city of New York where it’s “popping” as much in regards to the mighty Nutcracker. When it comes to being a part of the social fabric and backdrop, uptown takes it.
Also, something isn’t a legitimate phenomenon until there is a song made about it. Right? Riiiight.
I’ll warn you in advance, don’t try to figure this out in one sitting. It will take you quite some time to get what he’s saying.
Scarface5847 makin those Nutcrackers before we Hit Atlantic City HIGH DEFinition!!
March 09, 2009
May 09, 2009
TCK on Broadway
Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 6
June 9, 2009 Posted by Carlito Roc
Nutcracker, oh nutcracker. Your legend lives on. (n.h.)
We last spoke of the Mighty Nutcracker here. I’d like to say that since then, I’ve been to the birthplace (allegedly) of the still popular drink. It was an honor and a pleasure to soak up some history in the very place that has been selling them since at least 1994.  Those of you who frequent that place in Brooklyn, know exactly what I’m talking about.
Its spring once again and the Mighty Nutcracker continues to intrigue, inspire and instigate debates. One of the biggest debates is what goes into a nutcracker drink? What does it consist of??  I’ve heard countless wrong recipes that come close, but don’t get the cigar.
How do you make the drink “nutcracker”?
Answered by ganja420queen on Jul 20, 2009, 10:22PM
Whoa that’s totally not the nutcracker I make ^^
You want something kicking? :D

1 bottle Everclear or other high proof grain alcohol (190 proof) (choose the size depending on how many servings you want)
Containers of fruit punch concentrate (use as much as you want to sweeten and hide the taste of the alcohol- I usually use 3 per medium bottle)

Hope I helped!! Stayy crunkk
The Wellington Papers
Finding Nemo…..
2009 August 17
by HB
Although the name and whimsical branding does come from Pixar Animation Studios 2003 release Finding Nemo, make no mistake… Nemo Juice is grown man BI.  Nutcrackers have been around for ages and everyone uptown has or knows a number to get a sweet homemade cocktail of various alcohols and juices (dubbed “nutcracker”)  delivered to you at any time of day or night.  Nemo juice, is essentially the same thing however one small point of distinction makes it the winner.  Nemo is frozen. Yes. Frozen Daiquiri like drinks delivered to your door or picked up at designated depots. Perhaps my fondness for this grey market frozen drink is because it reminds me of summers spent drinking contraband “Margaritas to Go” on the Lower East Side (looking absolutely suspect because the entire neighborhood was walking around drinking the same shit) …. Or maybe its just the sweet and indiscernible blend of alcohol and juice that makes Nemo one of my top drinks of the summer.
How to make a nutcracker drink. aka Happy juices By JT Nutcracker
August 27, 2009
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New York (NY) Daily News
Bodegas, barbershops dealing sweet liquor punch ‘Nutcrackers’ to city teens
BY Simone Weichselbaum
Sunday, January 3rd 2010, 4:00 AM
The city’s bodegas and barbershops are secretly selling kids as young as 14 an illegal and potent mix of fruit punch and alcohol, a Daily News investigation found.
“Nutcrackers,” and a frozen version called the “Nemo,” sell for $5 or $10 a cup - an easy buzz for teens who like the sweet taste and the cheap price.
“They are poppin’. They get you sauced,” said Shaquel, a 15-year-old who declined to give his last name.
A News reporter was able to buy the blend of punch and vodka, white rum or tequila at five shops in upper Manhattan and the Bronx last week, including a Washington Heights natural juice spot.
“Kids like them. You don’t need ID to get them. It is like your first step toward drinking liquor,” Shaquel said.
To make the street cocktails even more appealing to teens, some sellers add liquor to piña colada mix or drop a Jolly Rancher candy at the bottom of the cup.
“It is a real phenomenon right now, and it needs a law enforcement response,” said Dr. Peter Provet, head of the Odyssey House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic for teens. “Kids who start to abuse alcohol start to abuse things that are sweet.”
Nutcrackers have even gone mainstream. Harlem liquor stores sell a legal knockoff, called Nutcracker Tropical Fruit Liqueur, for $25 in a bottle decorated with the Manhattan skyline.
Gary Grady, the owner of Grady’s Liquors in St. Albans, Queens, said he came up with the idea to bottle nutcracker in 2006 after customers kept asking him if he sold it.

Posted by Barry Popik
New York CityFood/Drink • Sunday, January 03, 2010 • Permalink

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