A plaque remaining from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem.

Above, a 1934 plaque from the Big Apple Night Club at West 135th Street and Seventh Avenue in Harlem. Discarded as trash in 2006. Now a Popeyes fast food restaurant on Google Maps.

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Entry from January 08, 2022
“Chicken is the default meat”

Chicken is a very popular meat. Many meats are said to “taste like chicken.”
“Chicken as America’s ‘default meat’” was posted on Twitter by Molly Ditmore on January 9, 2011. “Chicken is the default meat” was posted on Twitter by UnPhuckWittable on June 25, 2011. “Chicken, the default meat taste!” was posted on Twitter by Steven Paul Carroll on November 5, 2011. “Chicken is the default meat” was posted on Twitter by @landonyost on June 14, 2013. “chicken is the default meat” was posted on Twitter by “jack but gone” on November 3, 2020. “Chicken is the default meat” was posted on Reddit—Showerthoughts on January 8, 2022.
“Apple is the default fruit” and “Water is the default flavor” are related sayings.
Replying to @MattieBoy92
@MattieBoy92 Chicken is my default meat. If I’m feeling kinda out there, I go for prawn(king).
1:08 PM · Nov 27, 2010·Twitter for iPhone
Molly Ditmore
Chicken as America’s “default meat,” and why we should make it special (and sustainable) again: http://bit.ly/hhiEZM
11:55 AM · Jan 9, 2011·Twitter Web Client
Naaaaa…not really. Chicken is the default meat lol
12:51 PM · Jun 25, 2011·twicca
Steven Paul Carroll
Chicken, the default meat taste! :D #fact
12:12 PM · Nov 5, 2011·Microsoft
John Self
Then again, I suppose chicken was a once a week treat then, where now it’s default meat of choice any day.
4:29 AM · Jan 7, 2012·Tweetbot for iOS
Chicken is the default meat
8:36 PM · Jun 14, 2013·Twitter for Android
Chicken is always a default meat….
9:23 PM · Dec 12, 2013·Twitter for iPad
Derek Lap
“Everyone knows the default meat is chicken Derek”
8:39 PM · Feb 20, 2014·Twitter for iPhone
The Bitch In Question
Replying to @ItsShmoo
@HighMadameShmoo chicken isnt even meat its poultry. it is absolutely not the default meat
12:43 AM · Oct 10, 2014·Twitter Web Client
Assata’s Burner Account
Chicken is the damn default meat and nearly ANY AND EVERY event you’ll go to, white or black.
12:09 PM · Mar 30, 2015·Twitter for iPad
Honestly. I think chicken is the default meat
5:52 PM · Nov 5, 2016·Twitter for iPhone
Festive Faux Fox
Hot take: Chicken is the basic, default meat that is for people who aren’t adventurous.
4:17 PM · Feb 29, 2020·Twitter for Android
RAGE “the menace” JACKSON
why is chicken the staple default meat?
8:49 AM · Jun 15, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
Will Wulfken
Why is chicken the default meat?
10:22 PM · Aug 25, 2020·Twitter Web App
Chicken is just default meat
2:04 PM · Oct 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
jack but gone
chicken is the default meat
8:00 PM · Nov 3, 2020·Twitter for Android
hot grl
“Why do all obscure meats taste like chicken? Default meat flavor”
7:22 PM · Apr 18, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Replying to @Zeebrongis
its like how the default meat taste is chicken
4:30 AM · Dec 31, 2021·Twitter for Android
Posted by u/V4rial January 8, 2022
Chicken is the default meat

Posted by Barry Popik
New York CityFood/Drink • Saturday, January 08, 2022 • Permalink

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